Category for student and education

The term student tends to creep into the category job but being in education is not a job as you aren't paid for it.bankerpolice officernurseare all positions in work under the category jobslikeundergranduate postgraduatepupilapprenticestudentare all positions in educationbut what category are they under?...Read more

children - How to target Sub-Category of Sub-Category

I have 2 Main Groups of Categories, which themselves have Sub-Categories.The Categories you see have checkboxes to filter entries below.One Sub-Group has also Children (With Material/ Without Material) ->Screenshot.I need to collapse these two groups (on click they open/close).How can i target these Sub-sub-Category Groups?Right now i use: {% ifchildren %} <ul class="subcategory-list"> {% children %} </ul>{% endifchildren %} I tried some with siblings but cannot get it to work. I also need to add extra html fot the arrow to indi...Read more