castle - Anybody know where I can find src for Monorail 2.0.0?

We are using that exact version and I believe I've hit a bug that I might need to fix, however the 2.1RC doesn't fix it, and I don't want to break all dependencies to other frameworks (Windsor for instance) for an upgrade. They have however removed the SVN repository that contained all tags, and the new git repository doesn't contain any tags at all so I have no idea which revision I should check out.Does anyone know where I can find the source code? I have an old version for 1.0.3 on my drive but that is of little use now......Read more

Castle DynamicProxy automatic property initialization

I have the following interfaces:interface IFoo {}interface IBar { IFoo Foo {get;set;}}Given a generated proxy implementationvar generator = new ProxyGenerator();var proxy = generator.CreateInterfaceProxyWithoutTarget<IBar>();Is there a way to have the property Foo of proxy have its instance mocked and initialized such thatAssert.IsNotNull(proxy.Foo);?...Read more

Castle Dynamic Proxy is it possible to intercept value types?

I have a problem and can not find answer and any tip if it is possible to intercept value types in C# by Castle dynamic proxy? I want to intercept IDictionary with INotifyChanged interface. I need this to update view when presenter is changing model. Boxing decimal in object only for making interface is not good idea... maybe somebody have idea how to intrcept value types?Thanks to all answers...Read more

Self-proxying constructor with Castle?

Is it possible for a class's constructor to wrap a proxy around itself? This code, unfortunately, causes a StackOverflowException. void Main(){ var thing = new Thing();}public static readonly ProxyGenerator generator = new ProxyGenerator();public class Thing{ public Thing() { generator.CreateClassProxyWithTarget(this); }}I want some way to guarantee that new instances of my class are wrapped in the proxy instead of having to create some kind of factory that creates proxied instance....Read more

castle - How to tell dictionaryAdapter to watch for changes from ConfigurationManager.AppSettings?

I use DictionaryAdapter to retrieve settings from appSettings section of my website.The IoC configuration is done once, at the startup time and all kinds of different interfaces with getters are being registered with using single Configuration.AppSettings object: var dictionaryAdapterFactory = new DictionaryAdapterFactory(); container.Register( Types .FromAssemblyNamed(assemblyName) .Where(t => t.Name.EndsWith("AppSettings")) .Configure( component =>...Read more

castle: register interface proxies by convention

I want to register multiple components implementing the dictionary adapter, but the AllTypes.From.. only picks class-types. I want to do something like this: container.Register(AllTypes.FromAssemblyContaining<IFooSettings>() .Where(type => type.IsInterface) .Configure(component => component.UsingFactoryMethod((kernel, model, creationContext) => new DictionaryAdapterFactory().GetAdapter(creationContext.RequestedType, ConfigurationManager.AppSettings))));Now I can't seem to be able to cre...Read more