cassette - Misadjusted B-screw: symptoms?

What are the typical symptoms of incorrectly adjusted B-screw in the rear derailleur? How does it manifest itself when shifting? Obviously, if the cage pulley interferes with the cog, the problem is clear. But what happens when there's no interference, just the gap is smaller or larger than optimal? For example, SRAM recommends 6mm gap between the upper pulley and the largest cog. How is it going to affect shifting performance if the gap is, say, 3mm? Or 8mm?...Read more

shifting - Is there a difference of spacing between cogs on a 7 speed cassette vs a 8 speed cassette?

Is there a difference of spacing between cogs on a 7 speed cassette vs a 8 speed cassette?When I got a new wheel (upgrade from freewheel hub), I tried to get a 7 speed cassette (SRAM) for it, but the local shop didn't have the spacers for the hub. Instead I swapped it out for a 8 speed cassette (SRAM), but kept the 7 speed shifters (shimano EF-51). I have a few gears in the lower and middle gears where the chain constantly tries to jump between. The higher gears are fine. The issue mostly went away when the tension on the cable was adjusted...Read more

Different size cassette for the trainer?

Like I hoped, after a few months of hunting, I was finally able to find a really good deal on a road bike, in the winter. With the money saved, I was also able to buy a smart trainer to use with Zwift.I need a spare cassette for the trainer. My current setup that came with the bike is 105 CS-R7000, 11-30T I'm thinking of getting a second cassette with a different range - I can see that they generally all start at 11 teeth and can even go up to 34T, but actually I'm thinking of getting 11-28 instead as where I live is pretty flat and i don't exp...Read more

installing 11-40T Sunrace cassette with Sram Rival 22

I'm trying to build up a hillclimb bike (Mt. Washington) - current set-up is OK, but I could use the help AND don't care about temporarily losing the use of my big chain ring. Current set-up (all SRAM Rival 22):50/34 crankset11-32 cassettemid-length rear derailleurSeems like the conversion should be possible with Sunrace CSMX8 cassette (11-40T, 11-speed), the Wolftooth derailleur hanger extension, and a SRAM PC-1130 chain.Assuming this is possible, are there pitfalls to consider? Other recommended parts?RESULTSFor those of you who arrive in t...Read more

How to address a wobbly cassette

I've had this mountain bike a little over 2 yrs. I had it serviced when I bought it because it was recommended even though it's not an expensive bike. One day the chain slipped off multiple times which had never happened. Once I flipped it over I noticed the cassette was wobbly. Would this be an expensive repair and what exactly should I be looking at to have replaced?...Read more

Why doesn't my new SRAM XG-1295 cassette bolt turn freely?

I am trying to install a brand new SRAM XG-1295 cassette. I watched many videos and it seems very straight forward. Place the cassette on the freehub, match the splines in back, tighten with a cassette tool.But for some reason, the bolt(?) on the cassette does not turn. This has nothing to do with the freehub. I'm holding the cassette in my hand, trying to turn the bolt but it does not turn. Any help would be appreciated :)-MIke...Read more

cassette - Which type lockring removal tool do I need

I'm trying to learn DIY cassette removal as I want to swap one on a buckled wheel. I have another cassette which uses an FR5 but it doesn't fit this one.When checking this site it looks like it's a HCW-17 tool but specifically mentions that's for single speed bikes which this is not. It also says it should have 2-8 splines but mine (and the one in the picture on the site) has 9 splines.This tool is a fair bit more expensive than the FR-5 tool so I just want to make sure it's the right one before I go ahead.Any help would be appreciated...Read more

compatibility - Putting 8-sprocket cassette on a 18-speed bike

I have an 18 speed and want to swap the wheels out, but the new rear wheel has an 8-sprocket cassette and the one on the bike has a 6-sprocket . I plan on swapping them but just for fun I tested it out without swapping them and the 8-sprocket rides just fine even though two of the sprockets will never be used. Would it cause problems to ride with the 8-sprocket or can I just leave it on and won't experience any differences?...Read more

cassette - 9 of 10 on 7 speed freehub

I recently acquired a set of wheels that have a 7 speed freehub. the freehub is not long enough to accommodate an 8/9/10 speed cassette.After reading Sheldon Browns post on 9 of 10 on 7 .. Any 7-speed Shimano Hyperglide Freehub will actually work with 8 or 9 sprockets, without any modification! What you need to do is to use 8 of the sprockets from a 9-speed cassette, with the 9-speed spacers -- or 9 of the sprockets from a 10-speed cassette.I am hoping this means I will be able to take a 10 speed cassette, remove the smallest sprocket and end ...Read more

Why do freehub and cassette have only one position that matches?

When I'm installing cassette on my freehub, I need to make sure that the spaces align correctly. That is, there are 10 splines on the freehub and 10 corresponding splines on the cassette. My first attempt was just to put it in any of 10 positions but then I found out that one groove on the freehub is slightly bigger and the corresponding spline on the cassette matches it. So in fact, there is only one acceptable position. Why is this like this? Why aren't all of the splines the same size?Naturally, I managed to replace the cassette, so I ask th...Read more

cassette - Should a cross-threaded (but functional) freehub body be considered safe?

I cross-threaded my cassette lock-ring on a pair of Fulcrum racing 4 DBs (aluminum threads AFAIK). Upon removing the cassette it looked like the top of the threads were slightly damaged, but I was able to put the lock-ring on correctly and tighten it properly. Should I consider the fact that the threads were still usable evidence enough that it's fine, or does it need to be replaced?...Read more

Freewheel vs cassette geared hub motors serviceability

With ebike conversion kits there appears to be 2 types of rear hub motors: the ones that accept a cassette and a freewheel (see the image below from this aliexpress item)Is the freewheel option more serviceable?I mean when I'll be replacing the freewheel I'll be replacing worn out sprockets together with the ratchet mechanism.Whereas with the cassette option the ratchet mechanism comes with the motor and I'll be only replacing sprockets and if there's a need to replace the ratchet then I'll have to replace the whole motor or is the freehub part...Read more

drivetrain - Changing cassette road bike

I have an 11-25T cassette with a Sora derailleur on my road bike. There are a ton of hills around me that I am struggling on when I'm on my road bike but not my mountain. I can easily remove the cassette, and I am wondering: Would upgrading to a 11-34 or 11-32 cassette be a simple swap? Would I need a new chain with more links/less links removed to accommodate the 11-32/34 cassette?)It would be neat to have my fast setup and a climbing setup with a chain to match each cassette, though it would be simpler to use the same chain for both. Let me k...Read more