calculation - Magento 2 - Estimate Shipping and Tax cart does not calculate or include my custom shipping method's rate

I have used a custom shipping method and when you go to the Estimate Shipping and Tax cart, my custom shipping method 'rate' is not being added into the Order Total.As you can see the image below. estimate-shipping-tax-cartWhen I select my shipping method, the rate is shown as 0.00But for Flat Rate the rate is being calculated properly.estimate-shipping-tax-cart-with-flat-rateI would like to know how to fix this and why it's happening like that....Read more

problems with the cms made simple modules cart and orders

I'm currently building my first e-commerce website. I used the modules products, cart and orders but without paiement option. People can add articles to their cart, and confirm the reservation by filling up billing and shipping informations. After confirmation, they get an email saying that the reservation is confirmed and that the owner will contact them asap for shipping and payment options. It works but I still have a few issues : -The client confirmation mail works but the admin doesn't receive a confirmation mail with the order. I configur...Read more

BigCommerce Cart Count

Wondering if there's a way to pull just the item quantity number in Big Commerce to be displayed elsewhere. I'm using a bootstrap badge image to show the cart count but can't figure out how to get the number only to populate. This is how it appears now:This is how I want it to look:Code for cart/badge setup: <li class="CartLink"> <span><a href="../cart.php" title="ViewCart"><i class="icon-large sprite-glyphicons_halflings_115_shopping-cart2x icon-2x" style="position: absolute; top: 16px; right: 485px;"></...Read more

zen - Reg PHP open source shopping cart soft ware Zend cart

For one of our clients we need to develop a shopping cart application. They said that they do not want Magento. So we are going to do this with Zen cart. We need to install this Zen cart and need to do customization. Also we need to create a mobile version of this.To check on the above we downloaded Zen cart from and installed in our local machine and this is working fine.When we try to download and check mobile version of this Zen cart we could not able to download from ...Read more

ServiceNow Cart display on Hover

I'm working on a ServiceNow project to display cart on button hover in a header section. The display works successfully on Catalog items, but fails on main page. Any thoughts on why the code works one on page, but not the other?Catalog ItemLanding Page<div id="cart_floating_column" class=""> <div id="floating_cart_goes_here" class="cms_cart_container"> </div></div><j:set var="jvar_use_cart_layouts" value="${gs.getProperty('', 'true')}" /><script> <j:if test="${jvar_use_ca...Read more

Volusion Soft Add To Cart - Show cart Total instead of Subtotal

In the Volusion shopping carts "soft add to cart" feature, which is turned on in product options with "Enable Add To Cart Popup", the popup shows the "Subtotal" of products currently in the cart.The issue is this Subtotal does not include quantity discounts and therefore shows customers a higher price than the actual Subtotal after discounts are applied.For that reason, we would like to display the cart Total, which includes any quantity discounts applied.The problem is, I cannot find a place where this can be done in the HTML we have access to...Read more

cart - SCA SuiteScript query item to code

I need to add an non-inventory item by internal id to the cart in SCA, how would I go about pulling that item and then adding it? The code samples I find are for pulling data always refer to views, I am thinking I need to pull it as an item, as I need to add it as an item using methods in LiveOrder.Modelthanks for anyhelp you may give...Read more

Prestashop Cart Summary : Custom code is disabled when quantities added

I modified the shopping-cart-product-line.tpl, so that it displays the product price with and without tax in the cart summary.With Tax : price=$product.price_wt Without Tax : price=$product.price<li class="price priceDark{if isset($product.is_discounted) && $product.is_discounted && isset($product.reduction_applies) && $product.reduction_applies} special-price{/if}">{convertPrice price=$product.price_wt} TTC</li><li class="price{if isset($product.is_discounted) && $product.is_discounted &&am...Read more

bigcartel - Mini Cart for Luna Theme

This is my website - - using Big Cartel, Luna Theme. At the moment, when products are placed in the cart, the cart doesn't show any number or dollar value and I can't find how to edit this for Luna theme. I know other big cartel themes have mini this something that can be adapted to luna theme and if so, how?Thank you!...Read more