first time brewer - Do I need the dregs from primary fermentation for carbonation?

I'm currently making my first homebrew - a ginger beer using this kit and recipe. It's finished primary fermentation (hopefully, the cold weather has me concerned), and I've just bottled it for carbonation. My question is, should I have included the dregs from the primary fermentation jug in the bottles? The recipe says not to shake the jug while bottling, which I took to mean that the dregs weren't meant to be included....Read more

Does temperature of water affect carbonation process

For sake of the question: I'm using a Sodastream brandI like max carbonationNormally, I use cold water from my Brita pitcher out of the refrigeratorSodastream's FAQ states: However, we do recommend using COLD water to achieve best results.I suspect that best results means max carbonation, and I should use cold water. Or a conspiracy theorist could suggest their lawyers promote cold water so fewer machines will blow up. Or maybe it has something to do with flavor..Anyway, just curious about this. I don't have the physics pedigree to know the a...Read more

carbonation - Chemistry of making carbonated water?

I've found guides online for making carbonated (soda) water at home using a CO2 tank, a regulator and a plastic bottle. The guides suggest using "ice cold" water, filling the bottle 1/2 to 2/3 full, but differ on how much to shake the bottle, how many times to refill the bottle and what pressure to fill the bottle to. I was wondering if someone could provide an explanation for what the effect of temperature, pressure and agitation plays on the carbonation process and what a best practice might be for making soda water at home on demand.EDIT: A ...Read more

carbonation - Soda: Fermentation dynamics and off-flavours

I came here not only to solve my off-flavour issue, but also to learn more about early stage of fermentation. I am making sodas (mostly Ginger Beer) which I am fermenting for carbonation. Everything went well all winter and I didn't have an issue, but suddenly, two batches in a row, I am smelling and tasting solvent like/nail polish off-flavour. According to the descriptors it seems like it could be ethyl-acetate. The recipe I am using stayed the same, I suppose this could have something to do with the dynamics of the fermentation.My variables ...Read more

How to recover from failed carbonation?

Beer (extract-based English bitter) has been in bottles for 3 weeks at cellar temperature (~60-70 F) with very little carbonation occurring. I can think of a few things I might have screwed up to get here:Under-primed. I used the low end of the recommended amount of corn sugar because I do want this to be only lightly carbonated.Old caps. Some of the caps I used were a few years old. Possibly they couldn't hold the pressure (but the plastic liners didn't seem any stiffer than the ones on some new caps I have).Didn't allow my bottles to dry suff...Read more

carbonation - Carbonated in carboy from primary fermentation?

I recently brewed a batch and let it set in the carboy for 2 weeks. When it was transfered to the bottling bucket we noticed that it was a little carbonated already, which seemed odd. We ignored it and proceeded on to keg it like normal.It measured a FG of about 1.002. Which was another red flag but it was not insanely lower than the projected 1.008.The really odd part was when sugar was added to the keg for it to prime. Right when the sugar was poured into the beer it started overflowing the keg, and sort of foamed but mostly just gushed out, ...Read more

carbonation - Ginger Beer Not Carbonated

I have made ginger beer from my own "ginger bug" but did not get much carbonation. I think I put it in the refrigerator too soon, so I took one bottle out, let it sit for 2 days and VIOLA, carbonation is perfect. Question: Will my ginger beer still be okay (safe) for drinking if I take the bottles out of the refrigerator, let them sit for a couple days and then put them back in the refrigerator?...Read more

carbonation - My mead wont stay carbonated!

I have a strawberry mead that I am attempting to make sparkling. I added sugar drops to each bottle (Im bottling in 12 oz bottles) and after about a week it seems very carbonated but when I pop the cap off I have to do it slowly. I open it a bit, the mead bubbles up like a shaken up soda pop, and then I have to close the lid and let the bubbles subside before openning some more and starting the process over.Can anyone tell me how to keep it from bubbling up when I open it??...Read more

carbonation - What pressure to set for spunding valve

I built a spunding valve and am using it for the first time. I just transferred to my secondary (keg) today and connected my spunding valve.Seven hours later I already have 5 PSI but was wondering what I should set the pressure at. I’ve read that it should be set to about 15-20 PSI but is that correct for all beer styles?I brewed an IPA that will finish around 6.8-7% ABV. It’s already at 6.5%....Read more

carbonation - Safe way to backsweet a braggot with honey?

Just made an experimental batch of chocolate braggot. About 60% various grain and 40% honey, OG 1.069, Safale S-04 yeast. We like to have some sweetness as well as mid-high carbonation in the final results hence wondering if there's a safe way to backsweet it (preferably with honey, not non-fermentables like lactose) yet keep the fizzy part of it? Controlled pasteurisation perhaps?...Read more

bottle conditioning - Best Carbonation amount of sugar

I am korean homebrewer. I brewed Citra Pale Ale, but I am not quite satisfied. After fermentation, I added 3g or 6g of priming sugar in 500ml bottles. The 3g of sugar bottles had good flavor but less carbonation. The 6g of sugar bottles had less flavor and were a little bit sweet, and they had more carbonation than the 3g but it is still not enough. How do you carbonate(How long)?How much do you priming the sugar?Is it better use refined Dextrose?...Read more

carbonation - Bottled a Belgian ale not carbonating

I used white labs abbey ale yeast - fermentation went well and flocculated quite a bit. I then bottled straight from primary. I noticed that not a lot of yeast went into the bottles which hasn't really happened before (usually there's a visible layer or sediment. Also doesn't help that it's quiet dark brown in a brown bottle. Anyway, the bottles have been sitting for about 10 days now, so I cracked one open to see how carbonation was going and nothing...completely flat. Tried another bottle same thing - bottles are near new and were sanitised s...Read more