car rack - What is this "missing security cable"?

I recently purchased a Bell Overpass 200. On the outside of the box it says, "Warning: User must secure bicycles to carrier with additional security cable, not included. See the enclosed owners manual for proper installation and use of your bike carrier." Four rubber straps are included, though not mentioned on the box. There is no owners manual included, just the setup and takedown instructions.edit This is a car boot-mounted bike carrier...Read more

transportation - Roof Rack vs. Trunk Rack for Sedan

I'm looking at possibly buying some kind of bike rack for my 4-door Mazda 3 sedan. I currently just have one road bike, but want to be able to carry two bikes just-in-case. Does anyone have any opinions, one way or the other, for a roof rack versus a trunk rack?I worry about a trunk rack scratching the paint on the car. We've all seen those bikes on trunk racks that seem to be swaying in the wind and seem "loosely attached", and I do plan to drive on the highway/interstate with the bike.Trunk racks are a lot cheaper than the roof racks. Is it w...Read more

car rack - How can I transport a Madsen bike?

I just got a Madsen bike for my wife, and now I am looking at how best to transport it. I have a Suburban with a roof rack. The bike is 88" long with the handlebars turned, and I don't know if I should try to find a hitch-mounted carrier or a roof-mounted. Anyone tackled this?The Madsen Bike is a cargo bike with a large bucket over the rear wheel....Read more

Rear bicycle rack for car with mini-spoiler

I have an Audi A1, which has a small spoiler on the back; it's built into the car, not something I have put on. I have been looking for a bike mount/rack that I can place on the rear of the car. A member of Halfords (popular every-day automobile and bike store in the UK) staff told me that because of the spoiler at the top, there isn't a suitable rack for this type of car. At least not one that they sell.I am aware brand recommendations are a bit off-topic here, but perhaps there is a specific type of rack I need to be searching for? Roof mount...Read more

Retrofitting a roof rack

A friend is willing to sell me at a friendly price the Thule roof rack pictured below.It's home will be a Subaru Outback that already has the crossbars (see the blue rectangles above)Any thoughts on how to securely attach the red-highlighted racks above to the cross-bars below?...Read more

Can you open the trunk with the Saris Bones 2 trunk rack attached?

I'm looking into purchasing a Saris Bones 2 bike rack for daily use (driving part way, then biking the rest of the way to avoid parking fees), and occasional use on long road trips. I intend to keep it on the car most of the time. This is a trunk-mounted rack that bears its load on the rear bumper on two rubber feet.My question is, can the trunk be opened if the rack is still attached to the car? Obviously without a bike mounted on it (but if it works with a bike mounted too, bonus). Will the feet slide off the bottom of the trunk when it is li...Read more

car rack - Transporting a Carbon MTB

I took a punt and purchased a Mountain bike second hand, unseen (off our local equivalent to eBay). It turns out it is a much higher spec bike than expected - including a carbon frame. Until now I have used Thule 591 roof racks to carry my bike, which clamps the down tube. Can I carry a carbon bike using these racks, if not, what is the recommended way to carry it?...Read more

Secure front fork when mounting on roof rack

I would like a way to secure my front fork/handlebars so they are always pointing directly forward when I load my bike on my roof rack.It makes it hard to get the fork on the fork mount when the fork is turning as I struggle to get it up there.Does anyone have an idea how to do this?...Read more

transportation - Is it ok for the trunk bike rack to rest against the glass of a hatchback?

I feel like this is one of those obvious questions, but I have been unsuccessful at finding an answer (even in the manual for the rack!). I just purchased a bike rack (only holds 2 bikes) for my Subaru hatchback. I have found that I can mount the rack such that it doesn't press against the glass of the back windshield, but mounting it so low requires that I remove the front wheel of my bike (at least to make me comfortable, it probably would be fine). Can I instead mount it so that the rack presses against the back windshield? Is this likely...Read more