scale capability of volttron

I am trying volttron for a project solution and want to know the capability of volttron in a long term. The project is to control/monitor ~100k devices, and possibly millions if things run well.What is the biggest scale of volttron usage in a real scenario? How many devices that one node can accommodate if say that the host machine have high spec?What is the constrain of volttron later in the future after its use? (constrain as like in database / server resource / network)The answer hoped to get is not an exact value. I just wanted to find the ...Read more

add new gstreamer capability

I want to add a new capability to existing capability list in gstreamer. Can anybody help me to understand following questions.What is a data class in gstreamer?How can I add a new capability by reusing the existing data class?Thanks in advanceRaju Babannavar...Read more