CANopen over EtherCAT (CoE)

CANopen is point to point communication while EtherCAT is bus based. Point to point means there will be node address. But this is redundant in EtherCAT. So I was wondering how this node address bytes are handled in the CANopen over EtherCAT. I tried searching for information but couldn't find anything specific on this. Also, I assume both cyclic and acyclic data of the CANopen device is sent only cyclically over the EtherCAT because it is Master triggered cyclic transmission protocol. This basically means I cannot send asynchronous, event-trigg...Read more

CANopen profile for multiple interfaces card

I want to build a microcontroller-based CAN node card that has interfaces like UART, SPI and I²C, to which connect different peripherals and interfaces, like say a EIA-485 counter or a SPI digital I/O expander. I'd like to define a profile for the card that's flexible enough to adapt to any possible configuration and include any device that can be connected to such node card. Since CANopen profiles seem to be pretty rigid, I researched CANopen virtual devices but that seems not the answer either.Is there a standard for such functionality or I'm...Read more

canopen - Can I configure the (default) PDO layout automatically?

If I call ecrt_slave_config_reg_pdo_entry to create a domain offset, I get the message: Failed to register PDO entry: No such file or directoryI believe that I have to call ecrt_slave_config_pdos, which I am not at the moment. However, I do not understand why I have to call it. In my case, the slave I like to talk to is already connected to the bus. If I enter ec cstruct -p [SLAVE_POS] in a terminal, I get the PDO$ ec cstruct -p 1/* Master 0, Slave 1, "..." * Vendor ID: 0x... * Product code: 0x... * Revision number: 0...Read more

Is a CANopen Object Dictionary dynamically retrievable?

I have a device (Electric motor controller) that has some decent documentation about its CANOpen implementation. However, there are some entries that are missing or where I think the documentation is wrong. Is there an SDO or other way to have a CANopen-compliant device spit out its object dictionary including all information?...Read more

Is it possible to poll CANOpen variables through SDO, and if so, how?

I have set up a CANOpen network consisting of 3 engines, each having their own CANOpen slave. I have a Hilscher CifX board acting as CANOpen master.I have achieved proper engine command by reading and writing RPDO and TPDO directly into the process memory of the Hilscher board.Now, I tried to set up the network through Sycon.NET (the Hilscher configuration tool) to map additional variables to the PDO, but the variables I want to capture don't appear in the list. I figure this is because the EDS metions PDO Mapping = 0 for these variables.I woul...Read more