codenameone - Custom calendar in Codename One

I'm trying to create custom calendar in Codename One to be able to select, add text to different days, etc. based on some datasource. Default calendar doesn't have any datasource - probably it is more likely to be Date Picker rather than Calendar with different functionalities.My first approach was to extend default Calendar and override updateButtonDayDate method. It gives some felxibility - I am able to change text or other things. Unfortunately updateButtonDayDate is called in constructor of Calendar so it is impossible to initialize custom ...Read more

iPhone native apps - access to call logs, SMS, calendar, iTunes library

As I understand there aren't any public APIs available or any 'legal'/'official' way of accessing those...I was just wondering how come some Desktop apps (MissingSync, iPhoneDrive) have access to those then...UPDATE: I found that Desktop App still shows the most updated info from iPhone device, without having to sync/back-up the device to desktop. Which makes me conclude that the Desktop app must be fetching info directly from the device and NOT from the back-up residing on Desktop (Windows PC: C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Dat...Read more

nlp - I want to make a app which can extract information from the chat and add entry in calendar for specific messages using natural language processing

I want to make a app which can extract information from the chat and add entry in calendar for specific messages using natural language processing.for example if we get message something like this in our chat app "Meet me today at 8:00 pm on xyz street."then our app should make entry in calendar for time, location and title of an event.So please suggest me how to proceed and what give idea about brief steps to implement this using natural language processing....Read more

calendar - Design question: How would you design a recurring event system?

If you were tasked to build an event scheduling system that supported recurring events, how would you do it? How do you handle when an recurring event is removed? How could you see when the future events will happen?i.e. When creating an event, you could pick "repeating daily" (or weekly, yearly, etc).One design per response please. I'm used to Ruby/Rails, but use whatever you want to express the design.I was asked this at an interview, and couldn't come up with a really good response that I liked.Note: was already asked/answered here. But I...Read more

Google Calendar API V3 - New events are not returned

I am working on a Windows 8 app which is using Google Calendar API V3.Until last week, I was able to add and retrieve events of my agenda directly from this App.But, for no reason, the Google Calendar API doesn't send me anymore new events and events that I've added recently in my agenda even if I add an event directly from the Google Calendar website. Hovewer, I still receive old events.I use this request : and get the same result in their generator and in my apps. Doe...Read more

Google calendar API do not return events list

Recently after adding new events in Google calendar and try to fetch it from Google calendar API, I never get the new events list for the primary calendarId of my account.Also I tried to fetch from developer console: gives the same empty list of items as response, even though the future events exists.But I am able to fetch the events list of other calendar list. eg. Holidays, shared calendar from friends etc....Read more

Sharing Google Calendar's in an Organization

Question:Is there a simple way to automatically share a calendar with users in a Google Organization.Current Technology:I am looking in to streamlining our calendars within our organization. We are using a Google business account for our calendars, emails, contacts, and we sync it all on to our Mac's. Current Method:When we add a new calendar for each office location, (1) we have to create calendar on the super admin account, (2) share it with everyone, (3) each user must accept the calendar, (4) then we use google Sync Select to add the calend...Read more

Google Calendar API: Disabling alerts for Apple Calendar synced to Google Calendar

I'm using the Google Calendar API with the Google Python client library to create a calendar and events in a user's Google Calendar. The events that I'm creating are intended to be a like a to do list, so they are all-day events and shouldn't have alert notifications. I'm creating an event like this:event = { 'summary': summary, 'start': { 'date': start_date }, 'end': { 'date': end_date }, 'reminders': { 'useDefault':False }}I'm using reminders.useDefault to disable alerts on the Google Calendar. The problem is that I have a App...Read more

Google Calendar event Created/Updated/Deleted Webhook?

I am developing a SPA webapp through which I add events to my users google calendar They have given permission for. However this is my first time using Google calendar API, and was unclear about how to retrieve my users existing events , or if they add new events or delete them. IS there an option to set a webhook within google calendar thus when the user makes any changes to the calendar I can receive the change. My current approach was to make multiple get requests but that seems very inefficient. How can I keep my app calendar in sync with a...Read more

time management - end-of-event reminder in calendar app

Is there a calendar app that allow users to set end-of-event reminders? Suppose I schedule myself two-hour long programming task, and I want to get reminded throughout the way - 15 mins left, 5 mins left, time's up, 30 mins over, etc.Also, it would be even better if the app supports voice recognition. For example, I can say "At 9 am, I am going to write Java programs for 2 hours. Remind me when I'm running out of time", and the app will know what entries to add....Read more

Google Calendar render action Template parameter documentation

We can use this link to add a new event to Google Calendar by parameters I can't find any documentation about these parameters.Does anyone know where's it?...Read more

calendar - Recurrence rule definition (RFC2445) question

I'm using Google's RFC2445 implementation ( for recurrence rules. If I define a MONTHLY recurrence starting on the 30th of January, months with less than 30 days (i.e., February) will be totally skipped. So the Google API would return 30th Jan, 30th March, 30th April, etc. Not good. I would expect it to return: 30th Jan, 28th Feb, 30th March, 30th April.Similarly, if I picked a start date of the 31st of January, then any months with less than 31 days would be skipped.This may be correct as per the RFC24...Read more

calendar - How do I repeat events in an ICS file every x seconds?

I'm trying to set up calendar events in macOS Sierra's Calendar that repeat every 2,551,440 seconds (which happens to be the synodic period of the Moon). This system uses the ICS specification.Ultimately, I want a calendar that provides the Moon rise and set times for my location, and it also needs to list the Lunar phase (e.g. Full Moon, New Moon, etc.). I have found plenty of examples on the Internet where people have manually created the events, but that's incredibly tedious (one event per day for years!), and they're based on different time...Read more