calculatedfield - Calculating a due date based off two columns

I have an [assessment] and a [reassessment] column and I want to calculate the new reassessment due date.If the [assessment] date is blank then I want the result to be blank.If the [assessment] date is not blank and the [reassessment] date is blank then I want to add 3 years from the [assessment] date.If the [reassessment] date is not blank then I want to add 6 years from the [assessment] date.I need help. The formula below give me an error and this is where I am at.=OR(IF(ISBLANK([Assessment]),(IF(NOT(ISBLANK([Reassessment])), "", DATE(YEAR([A...Read more

Calculated Column based on Date

I am looking to return a calculated value based on a column named Date, I have three options I need to consider: If Date is between today and next 6 days return AIf Date is more than 6 days ahead but in this month return BIf Date is this after the 10th day month and before the end of the following month return B else return CAny suggestions on how to achieve this?...Read more

Calculated Value - Date time problem

The formula contains a syntax error or is not supported.I get this error and I tried this formulas:=TEXT([LeavingTime]-[ArrivingTime],"h") =DATEDIF([ArrivingTime], [LeavingTime],"d")where ArrivingTime, LeavingTime and TimeSpend are Date time columnsWhich regional settings should I use or is there any other problem?...Read more

Nested IF statement in Calculated Column

I am getting frustrated with a formula I am trying to use in SharePoint. My formula is to calculate # of days hospitalized. I am wanting to calculate the number of days hospitalized via calculating admit date from both today and the discharge date. In other words, If the Discharge date is blank, calculate Admit date from today and if discharge date is entered, admit date from discharge date. I have this set up in Excel and it is working fine. When I translate it over to SharePoint, it gives me a syntax error. Excel formula – IF(ISBLANK(D...Read more

Adding Column Total

Good Morning; I have a Custom List with a single column recording costs. I want to add the entire column (vertically) to give me a total. So far I have only been able to find advice on adding across columns. Any help?I am running Sharepoint 2013 OP with SPD2013....Read more

if condition - Calculated Formula for Finding three diferent results

I am working on a calculated formula based on my [Tracking Number] column to get the following results:Find "Andrews" return the result "ANDREWS". Find "Bolling" return the result "BOLLING". Find "Pentagon" return the result "PENTAGON". The formula that I have come up with returns "ANDREWS" when it finds "Andrews", and returns #VALUE! for all the others.This is the formula that I am using. Please help me resolve this issue.=IF(FIND("Andrews",[Tracking Number]),"ANDREWS",IF(FIND("Bolling",[Tracking Number]),"BOLLING",IF(FIND("Pentagon",[Track...Read more

Date caulculation based on result of drop down column

I am trying to assign a due date based on the outcome of a column. I have a drop down on a list with the choice Complaint or No Complaint called Related to Complaint?I am trying to set a due date based on the outcome of the following logic:if related to complaint? = Complaint then due date = created date + 2 working daysif related to complaint? = No Complaint then due date = created date + 10 working days.I've been struggling to find a way of doing this and I am new to using SharePoint. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.Thanks...Read more

calculated column formula - Follow up based on weekdays

I have a list with a Date Column and a Followup column. If the weekday of the date column is Thursday, the follow up should be on Monday next week. If the date column is Friday, follow up on Tuesday, if Saturday or Sunday, follow up on Wednesday. If Date column is Mon,Tues,Wedn, follow up + 2 days.So far I have created a new column to retrieve the weekday by name. =TEXT(WEEKDAY(Date);"dddd")But I just don't know if the more complex calculations can be done within the column or if I need a workflow.Help is much appreciated....Read more

Calculating date value based on a column value

I've been doing a lot of research and struggling to get the syntax down for "Column B." Any help is appreciated."Column A" is a manually entered date "ddmmyyyy." I want to calculate "Column B" automatically based on this date. If "Column A" is before March 1, 2016 the result in "Column B" should be [Column A]+100, if after March 1, 2016 the result should be [Column A]+50. The +100/50 represents days added to the date in "Column A."Edit: Thanks for the responses. Column A is a date field set to date and time format, would that make a difference?...Read more

calculated column formula - calculating date differences in custom list

I have a custom list to track audit NC closures. Due date, actual closure date, days overdue I want a field to calculate the number of days overdue the closure is. If I do a DATEDIF the formula will error where there is no date in the actual closure date column. How do I get it to calculate the days if there is no date? I.E I want it to look at (TODAY-due date) if there is no date in the actual closure date column......Read more

calculated column formula - Attempting to get one out of four possible status based on due date

I have a SharePoint list and the three columns I am working with are Status (shows either complete or not complete), Due Date (shows when an item is due) and a new column (this is the calculated column I am attempting to create).The four status that I am attempting to calculate for are:Complete - if an item shows complete in the status column, my calculated column should show complete regardless.Past Due - if an item does not show complete in the status column, and is past the due date.Approaching due date - if an item does not show complete in...Read more