pac rom - Force Show Menu button (Soft keys)

I've updated to the latest nightly build of Pacman ROM, and then updated it through recovery (wiped: cache and Dalvik Cache) and the system boot up and everything works great but there are 2 exrea menu buttons (softkeys, on the left side of the screen, and on the right side) and actually they are a little bit dimmed. Is there amy solution to remove this extra menu soft keys? Thanks in advance....Read more

controls - Who needs an external on/off Wi-Fi button?

It puzzles me that there are Laptops which are shipped with external physical Wi-Fi buttons. I see no real use of it, but it might have a historical explanation?! The only time one notice the external button is when one accidentally pushes the switch off, resulting in no data connection and “the internet is lost”. So my question is simply “Who needs an external on/off Wi-Fi button?”...Read more

buttons - How can I switch keyboards using gesture navigation only(no navigation bar)? (OnePlus 5t)

I recently decided to try out gesture navigation on Android (with the navigation bar turned off), and I liked it so much I decided to do away with my navigation bar for good. Aside from English, I type Mandarin on my phone every day, and need to switch keyboards repeatedly during the day or even the span of a few minutes. Unfortunately, I used to use the keyboard button on the nav bar to switch keyboards, and now Ihave to drag down the notification bar, tap change keyboards, and then choose keyboard. Is there a gesture I can use to do the same ...Read more

9.0 pie - How to use Pie manual rotation on a phone with physical buttons?

Apparently, since Android Pie the screen can now be locked to landscape orientation (hurray! CyanogenMod (and WP8) has had this since like forever).However, my device (Nokia 5) has physical buttons, so the method presented in the linked article does not work — and when disabling auto-rotate from the MultiCollider SuperDropdown, the screen reverts to portrait mode. How do i lock my phone into permanent horizontal orientation?...Read more

buttons - I need help identifying a feature

I have been using an app called Foodpanda that is able to show a button on top of other apps and, on the home screen. It makes this little button which I have marked in the screenshots below with an arrow. Observations: The app does not have any special permissions The button appears only when a support chat is active on the appThe button takes me into that view and disappears when that view is active.The button cannot be hidden if there is a chat active in the background. What is this feature/functionality called? Is there a way to disallow i...Read more

disable volume buttons

Problem at hand: I keep pressing volume button on my Nexus S when it is in my pocket. Most notably when playing music. More often than not it results in increasing volume, which is incredibly irritating.Had exactly the same issue with Nexus One.Desired solution: A tweak/app that simply disables volume button when the screen is off (or locked?)I looked through the android market and found a few half baked solutions... I don't really need a widget or a prompt to revert volume change or a being have to run an extra app when I actually want to chan...Read more

Android Action Button On Notification Itself

Because of Android O's new policies, I can't run a background service while my application isn't running in the foreground.So, I've to run a foreground service - more specifically, a service with an uncomfortable notification.It's being seen like this below: with a "Watchdog Running" titleBut, I want it to be like this below: Why ?: Because I think that the layout part that has covered the action button is much in hight in contrast to the notification height and it's increasing the total notification height what might not be comfortable to the ...Read more

Restore power button to default behaviour

I have LG G2 (D801) on Android 5.0.2 Lollipop, rooted. The power button stopped working. I am pretty sure an app messed up its behavior - I don't know which one of the many I recently un/installed trying to fix another issue. I am pretty sure it's not a hardware issue. How could I restore its default behavior: press to optionally lock the screen and long press to bring up the power menu?...Read more

Home, Back, Menu, Search buttons not working

Suddenly, Home, Back, Menu, Search buttons are not working. No amount of rebooting or taking out the battery work.I saw somewhere that clearing the Dalvik cache might work, but I got as far as getting adb running, only to discover I need root access to clear the Dalvik cache....Read more

buttons - How can I disable the softkey backlight?

I've been using Voodoo Display Filter to dim my screen further than the normal minimum at night, and it works great. I want to do the same thing with the backlight for my touch buttons since it's incredibly bright.I wrote a small script to try to do this:cd /sys/devices/virtual/misc/melfas_touchkey/while [1]; do echo 2 > brightness usleep 50000doneThis almost does the trick, but it seems to prevent some touches of the buttons from registering (presumably due to all the events being processed) and the light flickers when I touch one of...Read more

buttons - How to send the "open menu" command to an application

So, I have an application I'm trying to use, and on one phone, the buttons are soft-buttons on-screen, and on the other phone, the buttons are hardware buttons.On the hardware button phone, when I launch the application, I don't see the triple dot to open the menu (The phone has the Box [hardware button] and Back Arrow). On the software phone, there's the triple dot on the screen (Triangle, Circle, Box, Triple Dot).I think my generic question is enough to answer the question, but here's the rest of the details if you're one not afraid to read ...Read more

Hide buttons overlay (e.g. 5 second burst) on Google Camera

I have been getting overlays as such on my Nexus 5, Nexus 6 and now my Nexus 6P - haven't noticed exactly when they start to appear and have yet to find a way to disable them - please take a look at the following image:Screenshot (click to enlarge)If you look at the upper right, you should notice a few buttons on the viewfinder. It used to be just two, now I have three after the camera app updated. They were not there when I initially got any of my Nexus devices but shortly presented themselves afterwards.I do use my Nexus devices for debugging...Read more