Deleted question still shows up in search results

This deleted question still appears in the search results if you look for its content, e.g. when searching for "it seems they forgot to take the square root in the denominator":SEDE says it has been deleted on April 4th, so it can't really be a caching issue.Note for ♦ moderators: I have a hunch that undeleting and redeleting might solve the issue; perhaps it's better for the developers' analysis to leave it like this. They do monitor bugs on child metas....Read more

MathJax issue while using SE from phone

I had the following issue for a while, but I thought it's only a problem that I encounter, so I mostly ignored it, however today I installed this app yet the problem still persists so I thought it would be better if I ask for some assistance around here. (Hopefully this is the right place)The issue is better seen from those two screenshots (one from my normal browser and one from the SE app) uploaded here, also here is the link to the situation in case anyone else can check that the issue does not apply only for me. Is there something that I ca...Read more

What is this no-change edit? How did it happen?

One of my posts was apparently edited, but looking at the history, I see no visible changes. What happened here? (This question is motivated mainly by curiosity, but there must be some sort of bug in play.)Inline view of edit historySide-by-side view of edit historySide-by-side Markdown view of edit history...Read more

No new login, but cached login work

Someone know if there is a problem to login the main site ?I got that error from all browser; All my cached login work. Chrome on my laptop, Safari on my iPhone, but I can't login no more if I clear my cache.I even tested in Internet Explorer which got my credential saved and I get the same error....Read more

Why can only some child meta sites host chat rooms? Is there any way to bypass this restriction?

When I try to create a new Chat Stack Exchange room from here, and type "meta" in the "select a site" box, I see only 8 child meta sites. Any specific reason for this?Update:I just noted Which per-site-metas are offered in the chat-room creation dialogue? (pointed out by Shadow Wizard). The conclusion of the experiment there was: This experiment suggests that only the meta sites, for which at least one room already exists, are offered. ...the distinction between beta sites and graduated sites is not sufficient to explain this. So, if I'm ...Read more

Navigating to an link in a comment loads malformed Retrocomputing URL

The comment in questionClicking the link to open it in my current window or a new tab creates a malformed URL: the link using right click -> Copy Link Address, copies the correct link: more

Editing a question title with the term "problem"

Possible Duplicate: Using the word “problem” in titles Let users with sufficient reputation use “problem” in titles I found this question: How do I resolve the "Crypt Kicker" exercise proposed in "Programming Challenges (The Programming Contest Training Manual)"?And as you can see, the word "Challenges" is misspelled.I tried editing the title, but it doesn't allow me, telling me that:"please do not use these words in titles: 'Problem'"The problem with this is that the term "Problem" is really a par...Read more

Image uploader won't accept URL the first time

I've found a bug with the Stack Exchange image uploader, that occurs when attempting to use a custom URL to link to an image.Let's take this lovely image as an example; if I try to use the custom URL the first time, I get this error:However, if I close the image custom URL error message & try again with the custom URL, it works fine:Related chat messages from when I first noticed the bug.I have found this bug exists on both Meta & the main Stack Overflow site.I am using Chrome 45.0.2454.101 m, on Windows 8.1 Professional....Read more

Same HTML ID "h-related-tags" used twice in same page: for "stats module" and "related tags" sidebar modules

A userscript I've been working on enhances the Related Tags and similar "modules" in the Stack Exchange sidebar on the right side of each page.When I noticed it wasn't modifying the Related Tags on a "tag info" page I investigated and found that though I was looking for the correct ID for that module, that the same ID was incorrectly used for the Stats module on the same page.Naturally this means document.getElementById() and any jQuery which calls it will only get the first element with this ID, which in my case is the wrong one.The Stats modu...Read more

Moderator post notices are being auto-removed by bounties

So, on this post, I added the Honeypot question post notice, and if you can see what's been deleted on that post, you'll understand why.Subsequently, a bounty was started and a bounty post notice was also attached to the question. When the bounty ended, the bounty post notice was auto-removed by the Community user, as it should be.However, somewhere between the time I added the post notice and today, the Honeypot question post notice was removed, and not by a moderator (or that would appear in the revision history). I suspect that either the bo...Read more

Adding post notices bumps questions, but removing them doesn't

I just saw this on the main page of MSO and clicked the "10h ago" link to see what change Adam made:I was taken to the top of the question page with no indication of what activity Adam performed. So I checked the revision history and saw this:It seems a little odd to me that "notice added" generates a bump but "notice removed" doesn't. I guess this could be by design, but I thought it was worth posting here and finding out for sure....Read more

Posts without notices showing up with hasnotice:yes

I recently did a search here on MSE for hasnotice:yes locked:no. What surprised me is that two of the posts listed in this search have no notices... well, sort of. While there is no notice displayed on the post itself, the revision histories show that notices ("Notice added Draw attention by User") were added in 2011 and never removed:Why don't all bugs and feature-requests have moderator status tags? (revisions)Automatically remove bounties when migrating (revisions)What happened here? Has this happened on other sites? It doesn't appear li...Read more