Broken history for a self-updating form using post-redirect-get

I have a URL /books, which lists some books, and a URL pattern /books/{some-book-title} which shows a view/update form for the metadata of a book. Here's a typical user story, where a user corrects an incorrect author entry:GET /books <a href="/books/ulysses">Ulysses</a> <a href="/books/don-quixote">Don Quixote</a>GET /books/ulysses <form action="/books/ulysses" method="post" enctype="application/x-www-form-urlencoded"> <input name="author" value="Jamessss Joycessss"> </form>POST /books/ulysses ...Read more

How to implement Facebook like history.pushState system

I have 3 related questions to askQuestion 1On a window.addEventListener('popstate', function(e), how do I know if the button that was pressed was the forward() or back() button. For examplewindow.addEventListener('popstate', function(e){ var buttonDirection = // the button that was clicked if(buttonDirection == history.back()){ // blah blah blah } else if(buttonDirection == history.forward()){ // blah blah blah }})Question 2I want to pushState after ajax success in order to change the page content so I did this, I don'...Read more

browser history - popstate keeps using last state

I got a simple code when users are filtering brands, categories etc..Everything works as it should.BUT when you for example want to go back twice, the first popstate returns the last page perfectly. But when you go back again, it still returns the last page, so it loads it again. And not the page before that one.A piece of my code:The pushstatevar params = $('fme_layered_params').value.parseQuery();// Object { cat="274", dir="desc"}if (!params['dir']){ $('fme_layered_params').value += '&dir=' + 'desc';}if(window.location.href.indexOf('?...Read more

How do you access browser history?

Some e-Marketing tools claim to choose which web page to display based on where you were before. That is, if you've been browsing truck sites and then go to, your first page would be of the Ford Explorer.I know you can get the immediate preceding page with HTTP_REFERRER, but how do you know where they were 6 sites ago?...Read more

go back to the same state on history.js

on my single page app i have a page that the user have a select box and the data can changed according to the option the user selected.when the data changed, i'm pushing a new state to the historyHistory.pushState({'id'}, 'activity', '?activity');the push works fine, the problem is when i hit 'back' the history detect that the previous state is the same ('activity') so the back doesn't work. but the data is different and i want the plugin to reload the same page but with the previous data....Read more

browser history - How does usatoday change URL without reloading a page?

Go to any [usatoday][1] page and click on any of the main menu, the URL changes but only part of the page is updated. There's no whole page reloading.How do I do something similar using jQuery or any libraries?i know there are library like history API and so,but this only works on HTML5 browsers but HTML4 like IE9 and lower uses hash changeBUT USA today works on IE and HTML browsers with no hash?Any ideas??...Read more

How to Retrieve History from ALL browsers on Android Phone

I am using Samsung Galaxy Note 1. I have access to my google account which I used to sign into my android phone. However, I am only able to see history of websites visited using google chrome, but not other browsers. I am basically using two browsers only that are google chrome and CM Browser. I am able to see history of websites visited on chrome browser, but not CM Browser. One more interesting and important thing! CM browser only stores the history of websites that user visted 2 days ago or the same day the browser was used to visit website....Read more

updating browser address field correctly on `pushstate`

I am loading data in the web page via ajax, and using pushstate and popstate trickery to change the browser address field. The problem is that my ajax URLs are like so 2011/07/25/foo.txt 2011/07/26/bar.txt 2011/07/27/baz.txtSo, the first time the web page loads, the browser address field is http://webserver/. On the first ajax load, it becomes http://webserver/2011/07/25/foo.txt. On the second ajax load it becomes http://webserver/2011/07/25/2011/07/26/bar.txt. On the third ajax load the browser URL field becomes http://webserver/2011/07/25/201...Read more

how to read browser history in android phone

I'm working on an app in android that can read/view browser history with date and time stamp (optional) for a part on my thesis me :(I tried this code and it keeps me sending errorsThis is on main activity.javapackage com.example.delli5.bclean;import;import android.os.Bundle;import java.util.ArrayList;import android.provider.Browser;import android.content.ContentResolver;import android.database.Cursor;import;import;import android.view.Me...Read more

HTML5 history API to reduce server requests

I am trying to develop a search filter and making use of the HTML5 history API to reduce the number of requests sent to the server. If the user checks a checkbox to apply a certain filter I am saving that data in the history state, so that when the user unchecks it I am able to load the data back from the history rather than fetching it again from the server.When the user checks or unchecks a filter I am changing the window URL to match the filter that was set, for instance if the user tries to filter car brands only of a certain category I cha...Read more