breaking bad - How did the emergency vehicles get there so quickly?

In the very first episode of Breaking Bad (S1E1 Pilot), Walt and Jesse drive the RV out into the middle of nowhere, New Mexico. They are many miles from civilization. The closest sign of human life is a small farm two miles away.During the events of the episode, there are gunshots and a brush fire near the RV. Soon after, we hear sirens in the distance (this is actually where the episode begins, three weeks later).This was a remote location and there was a very short time between smoke and gunshots being discernible and the sirens being heard. ...Read more

Breaking Bad Czech references?

In Breaking Bad there seems to be a disproportionate number of references to all things Czech. In one episode Saul refers to "Thai and Czech women", in another Walt mentions travel to "Manhattan or Prague", and part of the plot involves selling meth to Europe via the Czech Republic. Even if we assume the Czech Republic plot is somewhat factual, the other references are made on a whim by characters whose minds would surely bring them somewhere else, instead of the more obscure Czech Republic. Is there any official explanation for this?...Read more

reference - What are the analogies/homages to Western Cinema in Breaking Bad?

Critics have drawn comparisons of scenes in Breaking Bad to classic Western Cinema. Vince Gilligan himself has spoken of such influences, and I was just wondering if there are any specific pro-filmic/on screen references to any particular films.I can think of one from S5E05 which, contains a sequence in which Todd calmly and methodically executes an innocent boy is reminiscent of a sequence in Sergio Leonie's Once Upon a Time in the West, in which Henry Fonda's Character executes a child at a crime scene to eliminate a potential witness. A...Read more

breaking bad - Is the Los Pollos Hermanos eatery a real place or a movie set?

In overall Breaking Bad series, only 2 of the eateries of Los Pollos Hermanos eateries were shown. One in which the main events happen and another one is within mall or commercial complex which is seen for just small time in one episode.The eatery where most of the events take place, where Gus and Walter meet for the first time. Is it a real located eatery or is it just a set created for the series?...Read more

breaking bad - Why were only 12 people on Gus's payroll at the beginning of Season 5?

In Breaking Bad S05E02, "Madrigal", Lydia shows Mike a list of 11 people who are on Gus's payroll. Including Mike, this would make 12 people on Gus's payroll.Only, wouldn't it actually be 15?In the season four finale, "Face Off", Walt murders 3 of Gus's men:the first one, Tyrus, is killed when Walt has Hector Salamanca detonate a bomb intended to kill Gus.the second and third man are shot down by Walt when Walt goes to release Jessie from captivity in the lab.Shouldn't it be 15 men on Gus's payroll and not 12?It is possible that Gus would choos...Read more