brain - How Mind Uploading could be done without being invasive?

The timeline in the 22nd century section of says that the brain will be replaced by robotic components until the brain is entirely artifitial and then be transplanted into a robotic body.But I think it won't be necessary to cut a person's skull in order to remove the brain from inside it.It wouldn't even be needed to be transplanted.We could use a quantum computer to scan and simulate the person' brain up to atomic level and then according to its simulation create an artifitial replica inside the artifitial body using a nanof...Read more

brain - How to overcome transferring information over mental link that changes specific details?

There is a world not too different from our own, at a technology level not too different from our own, with a population similar to our own. Recently, scientists have discovered (by chance in an unrelated study) that there is a legitimate measurable brain wave pattern that matches between two people that can be considered "soul mates." (Assume the study is scientifically rigorous.)The study found that these "pairs" of individuals share patterns of thought when separated by distance and when not interacting with one another. Similar to quantum e...Read more

brain - Mind-reading technology

I'm attempting to figure out the easiest way to connect a human brain to a machine, in order to implement Immersive Reality. Constraints are below:Read all user movements, and prevent the information from going to the real muscles (except for the vital ones)Block sensory information from the real world, and give input on the virtual world insteadI'm thinking of something along the lines of connecting every single nerve directly to the machine, but have a lot less certainty on how to carry that out exactly. From the number of connections, to whe...Read more

brain - Is gender identity a result of the outside environment?

This article says "Sex is based on biological factors such as sex chromosomes and gonads [reproductive organs]," she said, "whereas gender has a social component and involves expectations and behaviors based on an individual's perceived sex." These behaviors and expectations around gender identity can be seen in "epigenetic marks" in the brain, which drive biological functions and features as diverse as memory, development and disease susceptibility. Forger explained that epigenetic marks help determine which genes are expressed and are som...Read more

brain - Does the nature of nervous impulses give us a finite number of things we can perceive?

This is a subject that is very disturbing to me and one that I've been obsessing over for years. I warn you now that this is probably not the sort of thing you get asked on this website and I'm not even sure if I'm explaining it very well but please bear with me. I have, or at least used to have, a great passion for art and have always been a very creative person. But years ago I began obsessing over the idea there are only a finite number of possible images that we can perceive. And therefore everything I have ever created or will ever create ...Read more

brain - Do nerves work as I think they work and what does that mean for our senses?

Let me start off with a couple of metaphors.In the third Lord of the Rings film, a signal for help is sent from Minas Tirith to Gondor, using a chain of beacons. When the keepers of one of these beacons sees that the one next to his lit, his orders are to light his own thus passing on the chain reaction. When the last one within sight of Gondor is lit, the message that Minas Tirith wants help is received. There is nothing conveyed in the fire itself, no information within the flames, the beacons are either on or off. The only reason the beacons...Read more

brain - Is neurogenesis essencial for learning?

So I read that our brain produces 700 new neurons in the hippocampus every day and that if we perform cognitive demanding tasks, eat omega-3 or exercise (other things?) it can produce even more neurons. What happens with this new neurons? Say I'm learning some new skills, what role do those new neurons play in the process? Is it possible to learn without neurogenesis?Edit: I'm interested in this topic (eg: brain, hippocampus, learning). Where can I learn about this from the basics? What classes teach this in college?...Read more

perception - Processing of speech/non-speech sounds in the human brain

I have a ""which came first: the chicken or the egg?"-kind of question regarding the processing and understanding of speech / non-speech sounds in the human brain. I'm wondering whether speech and generic non-speech sound processing in the human brain are somehow related and whether one of the two is used as a "basis" mathematically speaking or a reference to understand the other. Most people use "His voice/It sounds like .." to describe sounds/human voices, besides, we are able to tune out and block any non-speech acoustic activity surrounding...Read more

injury - "Next generation" brain scanners, can they detect CTE?

I've just read the news that a "new generation" brain scanner is under development. I wonder whether they can detect chronic traumatic encephalopathy. I haven't been able to find the paper about these new brain scanners. So is it possible to detect CTE (during life of the patient, i.e. non post mortem) with this new device, and if not, is there any chance it will be possible in the future?...Read more