Is there a maximum size to the inventory in Borderlands 2?

I've noticed that I have been able to increase my effective backpack/inventory space by receiving quest rewards and never selling weapons/items. If you get an item from a quest when you have a full backpack, you go from 27/27 to 28/27. Since backpack space+bank space are annoyingly small to me, I've been using/abusing this feature to get a backpack space of more like 36/27 or more. Is there a limit to how far that I can take this? I haven't noticed any downsides; I just swap weapons from my hands to the one on the ground if I want to pick on...Read more

Is there a way to gamble using slot machines faster in Borderlands 2?

I've reached level 38 and now I can't quickly gamble away all my cash because it used to get to 30-40k and a spin cost about 1k, and now I've amassed a million and a spin still costs ~1.2k and the machines are not very fast to begin with.Is there a way to speed up the machines or a spot where there are more machines so I can run through them all without waiting for spinning to stop? Maybe I can spawn a row of slot machines using in-game cheat codes? I know I can give myself any items I like using save editors but that doesn't feel fair, so I wa...Read more

Borderlands 2 xp question

I wanted to help out a couple of my buddies on borderlands 2. I'm op8 and they are level 10's and 1's, the way I was planning on helping them out was by turning in a whole bunch of quest I never turned in for this reason alone, the very first quest i turned in they got experience but every single quest I turned in after that one they didn't get xp from. Can someone help me figure this out?...Read more

borderlands 2 - Why is Voracidous the Invincible forcing the player to respawn without causing enough damage to kill?

I've been messing around on Normal mode just to play through the story without leveling past my gear too far (currently a lvl 57 Mechromancer). I've been having fun repeatedly killing Voracidous the Invincible (lvl 30), to see if I can find a legendary class mod (even if it's low level, I just kind of want one because it's shiny).Every once in a while, Voracidous knocks me backwards and I immediately respawn. I do not take much damage, I do not fall off a cliff, and I do not enter FFYL mode. Even more odd is the fact that as a Mechromancer, ...Read more

Level capping of loot in Borderlands 2

I'm playing Borderlands 2 on UVHM. Since enemies scale according to your level, I was wondering whether the same goes with the loot pool of Tinder Snowflake. If I farm him at level 55 and then farm him at level 70, will his loot train carry loot capped at level 70 or will it still be capped at level 55?...Read more

How did you end up at the beginning of Borderlands 2 story line?

I have played through Borderlands 2, but I still wonder about the beginning. In the tutorial, you wake up on a snow covered mountain and Claptrap is trying to bring you along because he thinks you are a corpse. Claptrap pulls you up and informs you about various things. My question is, how did Zero and the others end up on a mountain? I heard before something about Handsome Jack but it didn't give a full explanation. Does anyone know how exactly you end up on top of a mountain?...Read more

borderlands 2 - BL2 LAN coop doesn't work on PS3

I've been trying to find the answer to this problem for weeks with no luck. Every time a friend of mine and I try to play BL2 together from the same LAN ends in failure. It doesn't seem to matter if we're signed into PSN or not.Every time, the game brings the connection screen, establishes the connection, but then kicks us out back to the starting lobby with no error message.We've tried changing the network settings to LAN, signing out of PSN, putting each PS3 on a different router in the same network, and connecting them directly with a crosso...Read more