in booksleeve how do I iterate through all the keys in given db

I´m using booksleeve (and it is awesome) to access redis from C#. The only thing I lack is api documentation (or perhaps I haven´t found it?). I need to flush redis db to sql server, so I need to iterate through all the keys in redis db. How is this best done?EditOk, I've managed to do this by:var conn = MyTable.RedisConnection;var keys = conn.Keys.Find(MyTable.redis_db_index, "*").Result;...Read more

Saving a collection of objects with BookSleeve

I am new to both Redis and BookSleeve. I am evaluating whether I should use BookSleeve or ServiceStack.Redis. ServiceStack seems much more staightforward but I like the idea of pipelining provided by BookSleeve. I have Redis and BookSleeve running and getting and setting strings is a snap but I'm struggling to find examples of setting and getting a collection of objects such as my pocos.public class MyType{....}IEnumerable<MyType> types = ....How do I get and set these using BookSleeve?Thanks....Read more

How to use a singleton for storing the RedisConnection with Booksleeve?

I'm using Booksleeve (the latest nuget package).I want so use a single connection for my whole Web Application so I'm storing it in a singleton:public static RedisConnection Conn = RedisConfig.GetUnsecuredConnection(waitForOpen: true);The RedisConfig.GetUnsecuredConnection method is the same as used in BookSleeve tests.When I try to do an operation I get an InvalidOperationException: The queue is closed exception:[InvalidOperationException: The queue is closed] BookSleeve.MessageQueue.Enqueue(RedisMessage item, Boolean highPri) in C:\...Read more