Create a padded box mixin with Compass and Blueprint

The interface should look like this+box(optional_padding_value_in_columns)It shouldn't break the grid. (If placed in column that spans 7 units, then the box should stay within the 7 units.) Compass _scaffolding.sass actually includes this little number:// Mixin +box to create a padded box inside a column.=box :padding 1.5em :margin-bottom 1.5em :background #E5ECF9But the padding blows up the grid....Read more

blueprint container inside other container, set height: 100%

Good Morning,I'm working with blueprint css framework. My problem is that I can't set height: 100% of a container that is inside in an external container. (container is intended as container blueprint css class). I want that my internal container is height as external container.class container is defined as:.container { display: block; } Set height: 100% doesn't work. but I can't change this property becouse it is part of blueprint css framework. Is there a workaround?Can you help me, please?...Read more

Blueprint CSS - Link showing both URL and text

I'm using Blueprint as my CSS framework in my rails project. But currently I'm having a problem as when I created a link,it shows both the link and display text in the web pageEx : say I have'go to google'in my web page (view) it shows both "go to google (" where as I want to show only 'go to google'can someone tell me how to fix this,thanks in advancecheers,sameera...Read more

blueprint issue

I have the following layout. the first row prints just fine, but the beginning of the 2nd row starts where the 2nd div on the 2nd row should be. If I set the span of the last div in the 1st row to 3, the 2nd prints fine.the parent div is 670 pixels and each child is 160 (including 10px right margin) All 4 should fit in a row, but they are not, whats wrong here?I bassically want a parent div of 17 spans with rows of 4 child divs each with span of 4.<div id="parent" class="span-17 last> <div id="child" class="span-4"> <span>...Read more

Blueprint CSS form element size discrepancy

I love Blueprint CSS framework.But there's something I don't understand about its default form element size.As you can see at , [select] field is considerably smaller than [text] field. I think it's intentional. Do you think it's ok and good? If not, how do you cope with it?Thanks.Sam...Read more

Does Blueprint prevent a 100% background-size for images in CSS?

I'm trying to create a website with a background-size:100% 100% css rule. It's an image that sits behind the content and is designed in such a way that no matter the dimensions of the browser window it still works well.I think the rule I have (as below) is clashing with Blueprint somehow.body { background:url('../img/bg.jpg') no-repeat; background-size:100% 100%; -moz-background-size:100% 100%; -webkit-background-size:100% 100%; }This should generate a perfect 100% background image, however, the results I'm getting is that the b...Read more