3DS Max model won't appear in Blitz3D

First post, yay, I guess. I'm new to Blitz3D, so I'm just now learning how to import a model from 3DS Max into Blitz. Here's the code:Graphics3D 640,480,32,2SetBuffer BackBuffer()camera = CreateCamera()light = CreateLight()bottle = LoadMesh("bottle.3DS")ScaleEntity bottle,0.1,0.1,0.1EndI put the model file and the code in a folder together, but there's just black when I compile and run the code....Read more

blitz3d - Pointer Follow Mouse (Blitz Basic, Blitz 3d)

In my Blitzbasic program as listed below, I put everything in for a simple walk around and look with mouse FPS. However, when I tried to make a crosshair that followed the mouse, I was unsuccessful for some unknown reason.AppTitle "Colby's FPS"Graphics3D 800,600,64,2SetBuffer BackBuffer()SeedRnd MilliSecs();HidePointer;OBJECTSGlobal crosshairs = LoadImage("crosshairs.bmp")Global camera = CreateCamera()Global cube = CreateCube()Global light = CreateLight();OBJECT SPECSMaskImage crosshairs,0,0,0MidHandle crosshairsPositionEntity camera,50,0,50Pos...Read more