jmeter - Stress test BlazeDS polling

I'm looking for some guidance on stress testing BlazeDS polling channels.I've followed this excellent article on using jmeter to test AMF messaging: that's only suitable for non-polling messages. I can't just generate the AMF for all polling messages upfront - each sequential message varies.I'm thinking that I may be able to use a BeanShell PreProcessor to create the AMF request java object, then serialize that and send it as POST data.I'd also need a BeanShell Po...Read more

Attempt to read-only access to Adobe Subversion repo fails (seeking BlazeDS tagged versions)

I'm trying to download a tagged version of BlazeDS and towards that end I would like to browse the Subversion repo for the BlazeDS project. However I have tried the obvious (as indicated on one of the Open @ Adobe project pages at Sourceforge) but I get a challenge for a user name and password. Tried my SF username/pw, didn't work (didn't expect it to). Tried to go to to see if I could register there, but got redirected back to Sourceforge. What is an appropriate use...Read more

introspection - Weblogic10, BlazeDS, FlashBuilder4, Error setup remoting-service bind

i am really not sure what else to try, any help will be appreciated. Thank you1) I am using weblogic 10, flashbuilder4 eclipse plugin, everything is running off windows xp.2) I deployed the blazeds tomcat samples on weblogic 10 and was able to successfully bind its remote-service to a new project DataGrid in fb4, everything works fine.3) I then modified the samples to use my own java class. On the last step of the Data provider binding in fb4, when I select the destination and click on finish button it says:"com.hello.test.ProductSearch is not...Read more

graniteds - can newer web containers having Servlet 3 extend BlazeDS max # of simultaneous users?

BlazeDS is implemented as a servlet and thus limited to roughly hundreds of simultaneous users.I wonder if the more recent web containers (Tomcat 7, GlassFish/Grizzly, Jetty, etc.) supporting Servlet 3 could be used to create NIO endpoints to increase the number of simultaneous users to the thousands? Is this a valid and practical solution? Anyone do this in production?Something like a mature version of this: this was of great importance back then, why now (when Servlet 3 is widely available) has there bee...Read more

Scalability Blazeds | 3000 messages | 1 min

I am using Blazeds- amd Weblogic I have the session timeoutfor 5 minutes.Below is channel definition i am usingchannel-definition id="my-polling-amf"class="mx.messaging.channels.AMFChannel"endpointurl="http://{}:{server.port}/{context.root}/messagebroker/amfpolling"class="flex.messaging.endpoints.AMFEndpoint"/polling-enabled true polling-enabledpolling-interval-seconds 1 polling-interval-secondsI have declared destination asdestination id="destICL"adapter ref="actionscript" /message-time-to-live 120000 message-tim...Read more

blazeds - Blaze DS unable to use my-streaming-amf - "Destination 'chat' not accessible over channel 'my-amf'

Can anyone point me out whats wrong with the configuration I have to execute a simple sample application to use the streaming-amf.I get the following error when i tried to submit a text and get the same using streaming-amf.My messaging-config.mxml has the following lines.<destination id="chat"> <channels> <channel ref="my-polling-amf"/> <channel ref="my-streaming-amf"/> </channels> </destination>I've defined the channels detail in the service-config.xml.When I tried the application, inst...Read more

Ivy/gant include BlazeDS jars that aren`t in a public repo and have no version

Ive been trying to figure out the best way to include the BlazeDS jars in my Gant/Ivy build.Ive been unable to find a public repo for these jars and Im new to ivy. Obviously with Maven youd just do a local maven install to your local repo. Whats the best way to do something similar with Ivy? Do I have to create a separate Ivy.xml file for each jar and then use Ivy Publish or is their another way?Also does anyone know a public repo where the BlazeDS Jars are available...Read more

blazeds increase concurrent user count by using servlet 3.0 and nio server

i am developing a turn based multiplayer game with flex and blazeds.Problem is that i read that the blazeds can handle only hundereds of concurrent users,but this can be increased by using nio server like jetty 7 and servlet 3.0.does Tomcat 7 supports nio? and i wonder if i can increase concurrent user count by using tomcat 7and blazeds to a few thousands.Any clue or help will be appreciated.Thank you....Read more