bin - training parts-of-speech tagger in opennlp

I am trying to train the opennlp POS tagger which would tag the words in a sentence according to my specific vocabulary.for example :After normal POS tagging:sentence: NodeManager/NNP failed/VBD to/TO start/VB the/DT server/NNAfter using my model of pos tagging :sentence: NodeManager/AGENT failed/OTHER to/OTHER start/OTHER the/OTHER server/OBJECTwhere AGENT,OTHER,OBJECT are the tags tat i basically i am defining my own tag dictionary.And want the POS tagger to use my model.wen i checked in the apache documentation for doing thisi fou...Read more

How can I view the content of a .bin file in opennlp

I am trying to use OpenNLP in a project I am working in and i am very new to it. I tried out using the Named Entity Recognition with the training data available at However I want to see the training data that have been used. i.e. to actually open the .bin file and see its content in English. Can some one pls point me in the correct direction. I have tried to use UltraISO to read the .bin file but i was not successful.PLs help !!Thanx :)...Read more

bin - Identify old dos system file type and decode it into text file

I have pick up an old dos system from my friend, and I need to import the data into SQL, but before importing the data, i need to decode it into a readable text file, but I failed to do so. I have try several stuff:file command in ubuntu terminal, it said "data"Use online trid and it said macbin(MacBinary 1)Tried bin2hex, but couldn't unhex itTried some online macbin to hex, no luck as wellTried to open in macOS, but it keep extracting filesbin2hex said, nothing herestuffitexpander.... Doesn't recognize...This is the file that i need to decodeh...Read more