bikeroutes - is biking lower wacker drive in Chicago a good/feasable idea?

Not sure if location specific questions are on topic here but, here goes:I live in Chicago, and I'm curious about biking Lower Wacker Drive. (If you're not from Chicago, it's where the underground scenes were shot in Batman: The Dark Knight). It never seemed like the best idea, but 1. It is easily the most direct route between my house and work and back2. I do occasionally see bikers on it when I'm driving down thereSpecifically I am interested in the chunk between Harrison and Franklin to Lower Michigan and Illinois (which is a fairly large ch...Read more

bikeroutes - Topography aware route planning

I'm in San Francisco and hills are crazy (think ~40° slope) and I would like to avoid taking many such hills (both when going down and up). Are there Google Maps-like apps that can take this into account? I don't mind biking for 30% more distance if it means avoiding crazy slopes....Read more

bikeroutes - Anyone know a way to get a profile of a ride from google?

I'm considering adjusting my ride to work a bit - considering a change that will make it slightly longer, and probably a lot hillier. But from looking at the route on google maps, I can't really tell, even with the terrain layer turned on.Anyone know of a tool that will graph the profile of a route for me? Edit: Ideally, I'd be able to just link the tool to my route on google, and not have to redraw it.(The routes in question: Current route, proposed route)...Read more

bikeroutes - Finding directions for Bus + bike

Buses in my city have bike racks. In some cases, it is faster to use both the bus and your bike to get from point A to point B (the transit system here isn't too good). Google Maps is great for finding transit directions, or bike directions, but as far as I know, I cannot easily find directions that make use of both... Are there any tools/websites that would help me finding such information?...Read more

bikeroutes - New To Philly, looking for good biking routes!

Possible Duplicate: Where can I find local bike routes? I am a student at Arcadia University in Glenside, PA looking for the easiest, bike friendly way to get to center city Philadelphia. Google maps is giving me pretty bad biking routes that include a lot of highway biking ( i.e, not possible) and I am looking for someone who might know of some safer roads to take!...Read more

bikeroutes - Tips for first time cyclist on 9W in NJ/NY

Not sure I can find a group in my area that fits for me. Up until now I've been mainly sticking to local rides in areas without a lot of car traffic. Lately I've been riding more with destinations in mind. I've never taken a bike ride from the George Washington Bridge up 9W towards NY but I would like to.I mapped out the ride on google maps and it shows that sometimes you ride against traffic and sometimes you ride on the side with traffic. Could someone explain why and where you switch or have a cue sheet? Couldn't find a cue sheet online and ...Read more

bikeroutes - Endomondo without autopause

Suppose I saved my training on Endomondo (android) with autopause option disabled. I have my training stored and I can view it on the site.But I want to "simulate" autopause i.e. I need to obtain the same (similar) statistics as when autopause is enabled. Is it possible?Maybe I need to use "special" editing this track (maybe with other software? - what software?)....Read more