xelatex: bidi problems with RTL character placing - TeX

I'm preparing a text on how bidirectional formatting works and using xelatex for that. For this I need to put RTL characters exactly as they are placed in the text, with disabled bidi processing, and my results are so far frustrating.Here's an example with hebrew (which by the way is also shown incorrectly here as code, but if you copy-paste it to a non-bidi editor the characters should follow the order as intended to, as 123אפס):\documentclass{report}\usepackage{fontspec}\setmonofont{Courier New}\setmainfont{Times New Roman}\begin{document}'12...Read more

bidi - Why shapepar figure shifts to the left? - TeX

I modified \SH@restack so that it can typeset RTL shapepars but now the shapepar figures are not centered, can anyone tell me why?\documentclass{article}\usepackage[left=1cm,right=1cm]{geometry}\usepackage{shapepar}\usepackage{bidi}\makeatletter\def\SH@restack#1#2#3{% line num, shift, width \unpenalty \skip@\lastskip \unskip \unpenalty \advance\skip@\lastskip \unskip \unpenalty\unpenalty \setbox\@tempboxa\lastbox \setbox\SH@boxa\vbox{\hbox{\if@RTL\beginR\fi\vbox{% \ifhbox\@tempboxa \advance\SH@posold-#2% Trim box for \Shapepar ...Read more

bidi - Selectively showing latin numbers whithin a xepersian document paragragh - TeX

Consider the following document:\documentclass[10pt,a4paper]{report}\usepackage{xepersian} \settextfont{FreeFarsi}% http://sourceforge.net/projects/fpf/\begin{document}این یک متن فارسی است. \LR{Ch4} ادامه متن فارسی...\end{document}It prints \LR{Ch4} as Ch۴, whereas I want it to be printed as Ch4. But I do not want this to effect other numbers in the text. How can I do this?I could use \begin{latin}...\end{latin} or \latin ... \persian, but they add new lines before and after the contained text....Read more

\bidi@@RTLfootnotetext@font undefined to use xepersian - TeX

I'm gonna run the following test code by MikTeX 2.9:% !TeX document-id = {8717fdc4-fa28-4491-9dd0-c8b7338defce}% !TeX program = xelatex\RequirePackage{luatex85}\documentclass{article} \usepackage{fontspec} \usepackage{bidi}\usepackage{xepersian} \setromanfont[Mapping=tex-text]{XB Niloofar} \begin{document} متن آزمایشی\end{document}An error is thrown as: \bidi@@RTLfootnotetext@font undefined. \renewcommand*{\bidi@@RTLfootnotetext@font}...Read more