beyondcompare3 - Having troubles ignoring custom unimportant differences in Beyond Compare 3

Quick preambleBefore you go and mark this as a duplicate of this question, I'm trying this very solution and I'm still having issues.QuestionI'm trying to compare files between two folders of an ASP.Net website using Beyond Compare v3.3. One folder has all the .ascx.cs files defined, and the other inherits the code behind from a dll.So on the left side, the .ascx files have<%@ Control Language="c#" Inherits="MyControl" CodeFile="MyControl.ascx.cs" %>and on the right side, they have<%@ Control Language="c#" Inherits="MyControl, MyAssem...Read more

beyondcompare3 - Beyond Compare Ignore Unimportant Differences in all files

I am using Beyond Compare 3.3.4.I want to compare a large number of files and ignore unimportant differences.In Session -> Session Settings -> Comparison tab, the "Requires opening files" section has a "Compare contents - Rules-based comparison". This does what I want when I open each file individually. The "quick test" section doesn't have this option. How do I apply rules-based comparisons to my "quick test"? EDIT:I am having the same problem as the original poster here. The answer given was "You can change this by going to the Sessi...Read more

beyondcompare3 - Beyond Compare 3 Ignore Case

This should be easy but I can't find any adviceon SO or Scooter forums on how to make the folder compare be case insensitive. I'm on version 3.3.4 and I'm comparing a folder of Visual Basic files.Thanks for the help.UPDATE: I finally found it - there's a button to ignore unimportant differences in the folder compare view....Read more

beyondcompare3 - Ignore small difference between numbers in Beyond Compare

I have 2 files with some number values in it and I want to compare them using Beyond Compare. But if the difference between two numbers is small enough, I want Beyond Compare to ignore those differences.For example, I have the file named file1.txt with the values:value1: 10value2: 8.2value3: 5.7and the second file named file2.txt with the values:value1: 8value2: 8.4value3: 6.3I want Beyond Compare to show me differences only where the difference between two numbers is greater than 0.5, in this case, on line 1 and line 3.Can someone tell me how ...Read more

beyondcompare3 - Edit Default rules from script in Beyond Compare

I have two files which I compare using Data Compare and I want to edit default rules from the script. I tried manually from BC interface and it worked, but I need to manipulate the rules within the script.This is my script so far:data-report layout:side-by-side & options:ignore-unimportant,display-mismatches,line-numbers & output-to:"%3" output-options:html-color "%1" "%2"Any ideas how could I do that? I am using Beyond Compare 3.Thanks in advance....Read more