belgium - What facilities are there in the Thalys Lounge at Brussels Midi station?

In about a month, I'll be travelling from London to Amsterdam by train, taking a Eurostar and then a Thalys. As seems to often be the case (from looking at the timetable), I'll have a bit of time to kill in Brussels station between the trains (though probably not enough to warrant going anywhere outside)I've signed up for a free Thalys TheCard, at the Silver level. According to the website, that gets me access to the Thalys Lounge in Brussels Midi station (along with the SNCF Grand Voyageur Lounge in Paris Gare du Nord) when travelling on a Tha...Read more

Identify a WWII-time building in Belgium

Can someone help me identify a building in the background of this old photo (or at least a geographic location of this place, if this building does not exist anymore):All I know, is that this picutre was taken in Belgium (most likely in Brussels), somewhere around 1944....Read more

belgium - Ticket for Mont des Arts (Kunstberg)

I am searching for ticket price for entering Mont des Arts (Kunstberg) in Brussels. Does anyone know how much it costs to enter the flower garden? I would like to just enter the garden, without having a tour-guided walk.I did not find the info on Internet. Is the place open to the public for free?...Read more

belgium - Would the Flemish Belgians prefer to unite with the Netherlands?

I have spoken to a Dutch guy some time ago who believes that the Flemish part of Belgians would love to unite with the Netherlands. Is this true? I know the Flemish nationalist movement is pretty strong. But which of the alternatives would they prefer (in majority):Stay within Belgium but with a strong local authority (localgovernment etc., like in other strongly federal countries)Separate from Belgium and have their own independent Flanders, recognized as a sovereign state. or Separate from Belgium and unite with the Netherlands.If the latter,...Read more

On a trip to Belgium, should I stay in Bruges or Ghent?

I will have about 4-6 days in Belgium (in August) with my father, who is in his 60s. He is not a big city person. We will be coming in from London, and after Belgium we will be staying a day or two in Mannheim.I feel that Bruges or Ghent or both would be better choices to avoid the "big city" of Brussels. However, I've seen multiple pieces of advice that indicates they are "day-trip" cities. How can I determine which would be the better one for us to stay in?...Read more

belgium - How big are the lockers at the Leuven train station?

I'm planning on visiting Leuven next year but i'm going to need a place to store my luggage for a couple of days as i want to attend the rock werchter festival. The festival offers lockers but they seem to be pretty small so i wanted to know if the lockers offered at the Leuven train station are big enough to fit your average travelling bag....Read more

belgium - Is it a good option to visit Ghent and Bruges in the same day?

I would like to visit both cities and they are not far from each other. I am bit afraid that by trying to see both I end up running the whole day and not enjoying neither one.Should I just focus on one and enjoy a nice day or is it feasible to see both quietly?I just want to walk around, get the feeling of the city, try local food and maybe visit one or other important place. I am looking for a pragmatic approach....Read more