slavery - Is Barack Obama descended from slaves?

Is Barack Obama descended from slaves?From Japanese lawmaker apologizes for Obama 'black slave' remark, Japanese politician Kazuya Maruyama claims that he's descended from slaves: "In America, a black man became president. I mean, he's in a bloodline of black people who were slaves," Kazuya Maruyama, a lawmaker from the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), said Wednesday, during a meeting of the Upper House constitutional panel.Meanwhile, the CNN article claims that that is not the case: A lawmaker from Japan's ruling political party has apologize...Read more

Did President Obama state he was close to starting a war with North Korea?

President Trump said this in a press conference on Friday: I believe [President Obama] would have gone to war with North Korea. I think he was ready to go to war. In fact, he told me he was so close to starting a big war with North Korea.I’m interested in the part in bold. My question is, is President Trump right that President Obama told him that he was close to starting a war with North Korea?...Read more

Was Hitler the father of Obama?

In this video they claim that Obama's farther was Adolf Hitler. Is this really true? If he went to Kenya why did he not move to Tanzania which was an old German colony with an German impact. Even if the local population liked him did they not recognized him or did they not. I don't think the local population of Kenya had television not even newspapers at that time....Read more

internet - Is Snopes a "hoax" that is "covering up" for the Obama administration?

Of all the email I get, I don't know why this one bugged me so much.Here is an email accusing of deliberately "lying" and "covering up" for the Obama administration. From the look of it, this claim has been around quite a while and seems to have grown out of the "birther" movement of people who seem to think Barack Obama was not born in the United States.Skepticism 101 tells me that since this is an anonymous email which does not cite even one specific incident to back the claim, it is likely that it is completely unsubstantiated. ...Read more

marijuana - Was Barack Obama nicknamed Barack Oganja?

A Twitter account named History in Pictures (followed by 515,501 users) tweeted the following: President Obama was known to be heavy marijuana smoker in his teen & college days. His nickname was "Barack Oganja".The following image accompanied the text.As I write this, the tweet has been retweeted 4,174 times and favourited 2,448 times. This claim has also been made on Facebook (332,000 likes) and other random sites.Is that Barack Obama in the photograph?Has he been known to smoke pot? Heavily?Was he ever nicknamed Barack Oganja?If this is ...Read more

Did anyone associated with Nobel Peace Prize comment later on Barack Obama being awarded one?

There are lots of random people (ironically, both left and right) who have issues with Barack Obama being awarded Nobel Peace Prize, although perhaps for different reasons. Of course, their opinions, whether more or less well reasoned, aren't very authoritative. But, some specific people's opinions are more authoritative on the topic.Have anyone expressed themselves on the topic between 2012 and 2016 who was involved with Nobel Peace Prize itself, especially anyone who was actually involved with awarding Obama the prize in 2009 (ideally members...Read more

Was or is Obama's brother living in a shack in Kenya on less than a dollar a day?

Lately, I have come across numerous stories in emails, pushed by what seem to be fringe elements, discussing various aspects of Obama's private family life. Many of them seem to make fantastical claims: A couple I've run across say that his aunt was living on welfare in Boston, assert that she was at one point an "illegal immigrant", and one of the most strange I've come across recently is the claim that his brother is currently destitute and penniless living in Kenya. That last claim, in particular, is the subject of my question.Certainly...Read more

Did Obama give an iPod pre-loaded with his own speeches to the British Queen in 2009?

According to Washington Examiner: April 2009: Obama gives Queen Elizabeth an iPod White visiting the Queen, the Obama family gave her an iPod, prompting raised eyebrows from the British Press. The MP3 player came pre-loaded with photos from President Obama’s inauguration and audio files of the president’s speech as a senator to the 2004 Democratic National Convention and his 2009 inauguration address.Is this story true?...Read more

barack obama - Has the birth certificate recently uploaded to been digitally altered? is the one. I tried asking in my normal channels (hacker news, IRC) but am getting bombarded with accusations of being a Birther.I am definitely not. Someone showed me there are seperate layers for the text and the rest of the document, and also that the font didn't make sense.I am just hoping you could find evidence one way or another....Read more