backup - Why received ZFS dataset uses less space than original?

I have a dataset on the server1 that I want to back up to the second server2.Server1 (original):zfs list -o name,used,avail,refer,creation,usedds,usedsnap,origin,compression,compressratio,refcompressratio,mounted,atime,lused storage/iscsi/webhost-old produces:NAME USED AVAIL REFER CREATION USEDDS USEDSNAP ORIGIN COMPRESS RATIO REFRATIO MOUNTED ATIME LUSEDstorage/iscsi/webhost-old 67,8G 1,87T 67,8G Út kvě 31 6:54 2016 67,8G 16K - lz4 1.00x 1.00x - - 67,4G...Read more

Advice on gluster volume backups

So, I have a three node gluster sharing a single volume. There are two clients connecting to that volume. I'm installing my backup agent on all the nodes and clients. I would like to try to reduce duplication of backups not only for space but for network overhead. This is not mission critical data. Would it be sufficient to just back up the brick on the first gluster node and maybe one of the two clients or just the brick? My backup software would be just doing a standard file system backup. I know this is a subjective question but I wou...Read more

How do backups work in DirectAdmin?

I'm sure there's a good amount of developers here that use DirectAdmin and I had a quick question.I've always used cPanel and I'm not on a server that is using DirectAdmin instead. Where in DirectAdmin can you generate a full backup of the account at the user level?Also, do DirectAdmin backups include everything related to the account like cPanel backups do? For example, not only the files and databases but also the cron jobs, DNS zones, email accounts, etc.?And where are the backups stored by default? Is there an option to send the backups ...Read more

Bitname Gitlab backup and restore without stopping server

Currently we are doing the process of backup and restore as explained below: requires stopping the server, specially for taking the backup.Is it possible to do backup and restore without stopping the server, if yes please guide with step by step instruction for the same.Regards,Pratik....Read more

backup - Does google charge for data transfered into Google Cloud Storage

Currently we are using Amazon AWS S3 as a backup solution for our servers. Amazon AWS clearly states: "All data transfer in - $0.000 per GB". With Google Cloud Storage I can not find a clear answer.From what I can find the egress and interconnect data transfer is defined. Interconnect is of course not relevant here. Egress means for as far as my english and the dictionary goes meaning outgoing transfer.So how is the incoming data measured or are only the number of POST / PUT operation's calculated?Hope that anyone who has been using Google for ...Read more

Elasticsearch hot-backup strategies

It would be interesting if someone could share his best 'hot-backup' strategies for ElasticSearch.Also, feel free to share tools and libraries related to this problem and can help. Updated:Thank you @javanna for your response, it's quite complete and provides good direction for further actions.I also did a small research and found some articles/discussions which can help if somebody has an interest.Elasticsearch backup strategiesBackup/restore Elasticsearch index and related snippet on github:gistElastic Search Backup and Recovery discussion (c...Read more

Backup options or snapshots of Google Cloud Storage data?

I pulled data into Google BigQuery tables and also generate some new datasets based on these data daily.These original data and generated datesets, I would save in Google Cloud Storage for two purposes,These are the backup copy of my Google BigQuery data.Also some of these datasets saved in Google Cloud Storage would be dump loaded to AWS elasticsearch (so they are also the backup copy data for AWS Elasticsearch)BigQuery or AWS Elasticsearch may only keep 2 months to 1 year data. So the data older than that, I only have one copy on Google Cloud...Read more

Creating an Amazon EC2 Backup solution to Amazon S3

I currently use Amazon S3 as a backup location for my local machines - Primarily using JungleDisk to backup nightly all my local files to my S3 account.I have been looking at creating a more intelligent backup solution for remote files - Websites on Windows and Linux boxes, along with SQL Server and MySQL databases.I have been pondering the idea of creating an Amazon EC2 instance which can operate in the cloud as my remote backup machine - Ideally, some sort of script or schedule would trigger the machine to start, and when it does, it would ex...Read more

web applications - sane backup strategy for webapps

I'm doing a webapp and need a backup plan. Here's what I've got so far:nightly encrypted backup of the SQL database to Amazon S3 and my external drive (incremental if possible, not overly familiar with PostgreSQL yet, but that's another thread) nightly backup of my Mercurial repo (which includes Apache configs, deploy scripts, etc) to S3 (w/ local backups via Time Machine)Should I add anything else, or will this cover it? For a gauge of how critical the data is/would be, it's a project management app along the lines of Basecamp....Read more

Backups via WHM - setting the schedule specifically?

We have backups running via WHM to a FTP server - where I see we can set daily, weekly, monthly - but can we specify what time during the day the backups are being done so it won't interfere with other heavy server load tasks? Looking at the emails I get when the backup is complete, it seems like it's doing it at all sorts of random times.Also - is there a way to change the priority at which the backup is being run?...Read more

Backup Strategy

I have just joined a company with Server 2003 Small Business Server. The company contains only an handful of staff and needs a backup system. I would like to restore a tape backup (including system state, Exchange server, etc) to a second server. The aim is to have a verified set of backups and be able to swap the servers if necessary.Am I right in thinking that the second server could not be on the SBS network?...Read more