Generating nuget-packages for Octopus Deploy and Azure Cloud Services

I've been trying for a week to deploy a webrole to Azure Clous Services without quite getting there. Here is my setup:I've got a cloud solution with a cloud project and a MVC application (standard no changes to template yet). Its under source control in Visual Studio Online.I'm using octopack to try generating the nuget packageI'm using the buildt in nuget repo from OctopusThe Octopus server and tentacle is hosted on a VM in azureI've created a step-template for my deployment step (see this article)My plan:I'd like to have a CI build to a dev-s...Read more

Windows Azure deployed webrole is not accessible

I have deployed the web application to the Windows Azure through Visual Studio 2010 and the Windows Azure SDK version is 1.8.The deployment is done in production, the status is showing as Running, but i cannot access the Site URL. When i try to access the Site URL the browser give the error "Page not found". Since there is no clue on the error, please someone give the proper way to know the reason why the webrole is not accessible...Read more

Do I need AppFabric locally To test Azure Co-Located Caching in develpment

I am creating a web app which uses Co-Located Cache for Session management. In development, I am getting this error Cache referred to does not exist. Contact administrator or use the Cache administration tool to create a CacheBut I don't know from where I can create cache. I have Azure SDK installed and m using VS2012. I don't have any server with AppFabric installed. Do I need to install AppFabric? If yes then can someone please provide a link to install and consume AppFabric in dev mode. If no then what the solution is ?thanx...Read more

Windows Azure cannot perform a VIP swap between deployments that have a different number of endpoints

I'm trying to perform a VIP swap via the azure portal and I'm getting the error:Windows Azure cannot perform a VIP swap between deployments that have a different number of endpoints.I looked closer and I DO see difference in # of endpoints (2 in production vs 3 in staging). Production:Input EndpointsOUR.API: OUR.API: EndpointsOUR.API: OUR.API: OUR.API: 80 is web and 3389 is remote desktop. So far so good. Where is that additional port, 8172, coming...Read more

"The certificate chain was issued by an authority that is not trusted" when connecting DB in VM Role from Azure website

I am experiencing error when connecting MY DB which is in VM Role(I have SQL VM Role) from Azure Website. Both VM Role and Azure Website are in West zone. I am facing following issue: SqlException (0x80131904): A connection was successfully established with the server, but then an error occurred during the login process. (provider: SSL Provider, error: 0 - The certificate chain was issued by an authority that is not trusted.)]I am able to connect to my DB using SSMS. 1433 port is open on my VM role. What is wrong with my connection?...Read more

Azure web role not starting

I have a web role that will not start up when I deploy to Azure. Does anyone have any advice on the following windows event log... Application: CacheDumpGenerator.exe Framework Version: v4.0.30319 Description: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception. Exception Info: System.Runtime.InteropServices.SEHException Stack: at <Module>.RdGetLocalResource(UInt16*, _RD_RESOURCE**) at <Module>._LOCALRESOURCE.GetLocalResourceW(UInt16*, _LOCALRESOURCE**) at Microsoft.WindowsAzure.ServiceRuntime.Internal.InteropR...Read more

hotfix - Deploying Azure Web Role Failing. value cannot be null

I have a number of web applications live in azure, all web roles.All have been published many times before, but when I try to publish any of them now, I am getting a failure. The feedback is: Value cannot be null, Parameter name: s.I think this may be related to Microsoft's update KB3211320, as everything was OK before this update. Unfortunately, it cannot be uninstalled and system restore is failing.Azure WebRole Deployment Failure:...Read more

azure web roles - WebApp in AppServices vs CloudService

Is WebApp (formerly Azure Website) in the newly announced "Azure AppService" the preferred approach to building highly scalable web applications as opposed to using "Azure CloudServices"?My original understanding was that web applications hosted as "Azure CloudServices" would scale better and "Azure Websites" were for simpler web sites/applications.I'm building a web application and scalability is a big concern. Which is the "better" approach?...Read more

epplus - Why am I getting Divide By Zero Exception on Azure Web Sites?

I've had EPPlus (Office Open XML) working on a Azure Web Role for some time now, but I've been experimenting with Azure Web Sites lately and there I'm getting a very weird error; [DivideByZeroException: Attempted to divide by zero.] System.Decimal.FCallDivide(Decimal& d1, Decimal& d2) +0 OfficeOpenXml.Drawing.ExcelDrawing.SetPixelWidth(Int32 pixels, Single dpi) +465 Compliance.Net.CommonCode.PivotGenerator.GeneratePivotTable(ExcelWorksheet dataWorksheet, ExcelWorksheet pivotWorksheet, Int32 endRow)I am getting this on the same dat...Read more