ARRAY_CONTAINS query with single string values in CosmosDB

Just for example lets say i have a document in Cosmos document DB looking something like this: {"somename" : "myname""data": { "meta": { "versionId": "1", "lastUpdated": "somedate", "myStringArray": [ "OneString", "AnotherString" ] }}}I want to write a Cosmos SQL query where i can search for partial matches in "myStringArray". I have been trying to use ARRAY_CONTAINS but cant get this to work since it seems that its only looking at given values in the array. For exampleARRAY_CONTAINS(data...Read more

azure cosmosdb sqlapi - Cosmos DB query Error with Code:SC1001 While using Distinct

I am trying to query the cosmos through the documentClientHelper. I have the query which works well in the query explorer but using the same query with parameters, throwing the error at the join .The error hitting as - Error: Microsoft.Azure.DocumentDB.Core: Message: {"errors":[{"severity":"Error","location":{"start":428,"end":432},"code":"SC1001","message":"Syntax error, incorrect syntax near 'join'."}]}My query as follows: SELECT c.itemCode,c.itemType,,r FROM Products c join r in c.rates WHERE (ARRAY_CONTAINS(r...Read more