model view controller - How to get current WindowsIdentity from Azure

We're developing an internal site using MVC, Entity Framework and Azure. Employees will come and perform different work related actions but we want to authenticate through our on premise AD. We have an app service with a VNet configured to our on-premise AD. I can take a user's username and password and make the calls to verify them against the AD just fine. What I'm trying to do is automatically grab their WindowsIdentity and automatically look them up to reduce some of the steps the user has to make and automatically sign them in if possible....Read more

azure - AAD token using GraphAPI doesn't enable access to my own Rest API?

I had to change my code in order to get a valid token that would allow me to access detailed profile info on an AAD user, using Graph APIHowever to my dismay eventually realised this token doesn't then allow access to my API which is also hosted on Azure behind AAD?Is there a method which allows both?NOTE The problem is with the Resource I pass in the header - it's either for my API, or for Graph, but I surely can't ask the user to log in twice?What's the solution, other then embedding client secret once Graph Token used to log in ..?Code samp...Read more

azure - jMeter stress test for 200k RPM

We're trying to run a stress test on our platform to reach to 200k+ RPM. Our tests are written for jMeter. We are using Microsoft Azure, Blaze Meter and for this, but no matter what we do, we cannot go higher than 50k RPM.We are sure that our platform supports 200k+ RPM load because we have seen it during a special event. However, the stress tests we run will not reach that high. We initially had some issues with CloudFlare so we just turned it off.Is creating a stress test of 100k users (200k+ RPM) really a bigdeal?What do we do wrong...Read more

virtual machine - Azure VM stats - Network In/Out - what are the measurements?

I feel perturbed, but I don't understand the measurement Azure uses for Network In/Out and a few other things.On Azure portal -> my VM -> Metrics -> [Host] Network In/Out, it says that it is measured in bytes, but then it also draws graph over time. If it were plain, bytes, it should be cumulative and therefore grow indefinitely, but it isn't, therefore I am inclined to believe it is measured per second or something like that. But Azure docs claim that it is bytes and not bytes per second (link here)Am I missing something obvious?...Read more

azure - Clients pointing their domains to our IP - Concerns & System Longevity

For our SaaS app, we're allowing customers to point their domain name to our server.The plan right now is to simply hand out one of our AWS elastic IP addresses for them to point their domain to. The elastic IP address would essentially be pointed to a EC2 instance web-server...and maybe a load balancer in time (if traffic demands it!).The user would specify what their domain is in our app, and we'd be able to resolve the host name coming in as their app.My concern is the longevity of this solution. This IP cannot change. And we'll certainly be...Read more

azure - Configure the host names (A record or CNAME) with slashes

There are many projects in solution (ASP.NET MVC). They are published to Azure. For example,mysite.azurewebsites.netmysiteview.azurewebsites.netmysitecustomers.azurewebsites.netmysiteapi.azurewebsites.netI want to connect it to my domain, purchased from GoDaddy, for example: ""How to configure the host names (A record or CNAME) to get such - - - - more

xamarin - Download Image from azure blob storage and download it

I am working with Xamarin forms and I've stored an image in Azure blob storage which I'd like to download on page load and put into an image view, as of now I have this code: using(var fileStream = imageStore.GetStream()){ blockBlob.DownloadToStreamAsync(fileStream);}This code should download the image into a file stream (Please let me know if I'm wrong) but then I need to get the image out of that file stream and set it as the image view source, but I don't know how to do that....Read more

azure - Confused about Xamarin Forms auth to AAD

I have created a mobile app in Azure to use for my XF application, this has created an app in my AAD, I am now reading the following to try and make my XF app auth to that Azure App I createdXF and AAD Authand thisAuth Azure APIThis tells me to create a new app of type native which confuses me a little does this mean I need 2 applications in Azure? one for the backend and one for the Mobile auth? It seems very difficult to find a straight forward document that describes this properly when using the configuration options in the mobile app part o...Read more

azure - Xamarin forms app no longer connected to easy tables

I have recently develop an Xamarin forms app which was linked to Microsoft Azure easy tables. This is a B2B app and will only be used by half a dozen users. It has been approved by the App Store. The syncing with the easy tables worked great.My client is very familiar with Microsoft Access, and wished to be able to view the tables and add/edit data via this software. I successfully set up the express server and using ODBC linked the database to Access. With no problems on that end. I can see the data, delete rows and add/edit data.But when ...Read more

xamarin - What Azure storage feature to use for image posts?

I am trying to create an app in Xamarin.Forms which can store photos and their description and names. In this app, there will be users and image loading will depends on account with what you signed in. I store images in storage accounts and its urls I store in Azure Easy Tables. I want to ask that for saving names and descriptions I should use Azure Easy Tables or other Azure storage feature ? If I should use Easy Tables how can I load only specific data for specific user?Thanks for your answers !!!...Read more

xamarin - Cant upload file to azure blob storage using media plugin

Hi i'm using xamarin and I'm trying to upload a photo from my phone to azure using the media plugin and azure blob storage. Here's my code:async void selectImage(object sender, System.EventArgs e) { var image = await CrossMedia.Current.PickPhotoAsync(); //System.IO.Stream stream = t; CloudBlockBlob blockBlob = sermonsContainer.GetBlockBlobReference("myblob"); using (var fileStream = image) { blockBlob.UploadFromStreamAsync(fileStream); } }however i'm ...Read more

xamarin - Website with Azure Mobile Backend

i'm currently making an app with xamarin forms with an azure backend, one of the features of my app is to be able to upload long videos to azure blob storage, however since most of these videos will be big files and be edited on a computer I figure it's better to be able to upload the video file via a computer using a website, however is it possible to connect a website to the same azure mobile backend that my app is using, and if so how would I do that, if not any other good alternatives?...Read more

Xamarin.Forms Azure Mobile App Services Offline Sync without hosting Web Api on Azure

At the moment I have an app that uses Azure Mobile App Services to manage offline sync as well as authentiation. Authentication is done with Azure Active Directory and the way that I have it setup is that the web api is published as an app service on azure and it is configured as an app in the Active Directory Section. The Native App which is done in Xamarin.Forms is also configured in azure so that whenever the app makes a request it can properly authenticate with the api.What I want to do now is take this web api and put it in an on-premise s...Read more