Invert axis direction Altair

For some reason, the Y-axis while plotting with altair seems to be inverted (would expect values to go from lower (bottom) to higher (top) of the plot). Also, I would like to be able to change the ticks frequency. With older versions I could use ticks=n_ticks but it seems now this argument can take only boolean. Thanksimport altair as altalt.renderers.enable('notebook')eff_metals = pd.read_excel(filename, sheet_name='summary_eff_metals')points = alt.Chart(eff_metals, height=250, width=400).mark_circle().encode( x=alt.X('Temperature:Q',axis=...Read more

pca - Bad Orientation of Principal Axis of a Point Cloud

I'm trying to calculate the principal axis via principal component analysis. I have a pointcloud and use for this the Point Cloud Library (pcl). Furthermore, I try to visualize the principal axis I calculated in rviz with markers. Here is the code snipped I use:void computePrincipalAxis(const PointCloud& cloud, Eigen::Vector4f& centroid, Eigen::Matrix3f& evecs, Eigen::Vector3f& evals) { Eigen::Matrix3f covariance_matrix; pcl::computeCovarianceMatrix(cloud, centroid, covariance_matrix); pcl::eigen33(covariance_matrix, evecs, e...Read more

scale - gnuplot: how to use a*(10^b) format on axis

I am using really big numbers (milions) on my x-axis, so when I useset format x %6.0fI got big numbers like 25000000. That is quite nice, but takes much space, so there are only few labels and reader losts information.When I exclude setting format, I get something like 2e+07, what is quite unfriendly and unusual to reader according to my opinion.I would like format like 25*(10^6), so the number would be first and then multiplied by 10^n, or something very similiar to that. I think that would be the best solution, if the x-axis is long about 300...Read more

axis - WSDL2Java error on command prompt

I'm having an error when im using WSDL2Java tool in command prompt. im getting Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/axis/wsdl/WSDL2JavaError.can anyone help me with this? I really need the solution for this. thanks in advance....Read more

Compass Heading from Magnetometer on other axis

I am building a small device that also uses magnetometer data in order to calculate the compass heading. The LSM9DS0 IMU sensor works great if the heading is calculated as a yaw (if the sensor is on a flat surface).I have 3D printed a shell in which i am going to assemble all the electronics. My problem is that it is poorly designed and the IMU sensor is not on a flat surface, but it has to stay on 90 degrees. So by this, the Z axis is no more my way to calculate the yaw (or heading), but it changed to Y. In order to calculate the heading on Z,...Read more

Quaternions vs Axis + angle

I have been trying to find the difference between the 2 but to no luck minus this The primary diff erence between the two representations is that a quaternion’s axis of rotation is scaled by the sine of the half angle of rotation, and instead of storing the angle in the fourth component of the vector, we store the cosine of the half angle.I have no idea what sine of the half angle of rotationor cosine of the half anglemeans?...Read more

axis - org.apache.axis2.AxisFault: HTTP ( 401 ) Unauthorized address

Getting below exception when calling ReportServer webservice fom Websphere 7.0.The webservice call works when I put all the required JAXWS2.2.7 - jaxws-ri jars under classes directory of the profile.It is not working when I create shared libraries and put those jars. It is strange for me because all the applications functions were working except this Microsoft ReportServer webservice call.I went through stackoverflow and googled and found various reason but I could not narrow down to my issue as it is working when I put it in classes directory ...Read more

Apache axis logging - ClassCastException while using it inside a Jira plugin

My Jira 5.0 plugin is broken with the following exception: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method) ...Caused by: java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError at org.apache.axis.description.OperationDesc.<clinit>( at ... 148 moreCaused by: java.lang.ClassCastException: org.apache.commons.logging.impl.SLF4JLogFactory cannot be cast to more

X and Y axis doesn' t work on Bada 2.0

I' ve downloaded an example app from Bada documentation, DigitalLocker, and I' ve done and I' m doing some test, I had some problems, but with some help I solved, now I have another problem with X and Y axis in Item forms (personalIdItem, webacco, ecc..). I can modify correctly width and height of editfield, editarea and checkbutton, but also if I put X and Y axis they still remain on the left, and don' t know why.EditField* pFName; pFName = new EditField(); pFName->Construct(Rectangle(80, 80, 220, 110), EDIT_FIELD_STYLE_NORMAL, ...Read more

Dygraph issue showing Oct-17 on the x-axis

Does Dygraph have any problem with showing Oct-17 month on the X-axis? I have the xts object named L, generated as below:L1 <- xts(x=1, = as.Date("2017-09-01"))L2 <- xts(x=4, = as.Date("2017-10-01"))L=rbind(L1,L2)Now, if you runDygraph (L)You'll see that Oct-17 is replaced with Sep-17 in the output plot.Does anyone have any idea why it happened? It's fine with any other month....Read more

wsdl2java - Missing operations with Axis generated Stub

I have an wsdl and I want to create a java stub-client by using Axis2 (WSDL2Java).Because the generation is made at runtime and because of the structure of the system itself, I call the wsdl2java by using reflection: Class<?> clzzOptionParser = classloader.loadClass("org.apache.axis2.util.CommandLineOptionParser"); Class<?> clzzEngine = classloader.loadClass("org.apache.axis2.wsdl.codegen.CodeGenerationEngine"); String[] args = new String[]{"-uri", wsdl.getAbsolutePath(), "-o", myJavaCompilerC...Read more

axis - Java not generated by axistools-maven-plugin

I`m working on an Webservice Project and having problems getting the Maven build to work. Actually the Plugin run through without any errors and it is generating the jar but without the sources.The pom i use.<project xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=""> <modelVersion>4.0.0</modelVersion> <groupId>com.test.affi</groupId> <artifactId>tradetrac...Read more

AChartEngine graph using two y axis

I am currently trying to create a graph using AChartEngine containing two y-axis (one to the left, one to the right). Yet, I cannot seem to figure out how I can actually add the second y-Axis. An XYMultipleSeriesRenderer only has got one setYTitle() method.Has someone ever achieved this and can give me a hint?Thanks,Matthias...Read more