aws eks - EKS 1.11 and HPA

Now EKS supports two kubernetes version 1.10 and starts to support HPA since platform version eks.2.1.11 is new, now only has eks.1, I cannot find any reference if HPA is supported now. Does anyone know if it HPA is supported or have tried using HPA with 1.11?...Read more

aws eks - AWS-EKS deployed pod is exposed with type service Node Port is not accessible over nodePort IP and exposed port

I've created k8s cluster on AWS using EKS with Terraform followed this documentation .I have one worker node.Note: Everything is in Private SubnetsJust running node.js hello-world containerCode for pod definitionkind: Podmetadata: name: labels: app: helloworldspec: containers: - name: k8s-demo image: wardviaene/k8s-demo ports: - name: nodejs-port containerPort: 3000Code for service definitionapiVersion: v1kind: Servicemetadata: nam...Read more

aws eks - connect to kubernetes on AWS only works when the cluster is created via eksctl

IssueWhat is the difference between using eksctl and AWS Management Console when creating a kubernetes cluster on aws ?like what is really happening under the hood ?in both cases the cluster gets created but only when using eksctl, you can connect to the cluster after it gets created.Any ideas what is happening here ?How to ReproduceI'm following the official tutorials of AWS. This tutorial doesn't work, the cluster gets created but you cannot connect to it. if you follow it, by the time you get to step 2.3 and try the command, you get an error...Read more