authblk - Font size confusion in LaTeX - TeX

I am a beginner in LaTeX and I am not able to resolve the problem. Hopefully, I will get the help here.I have the following code: \documentclass[12pt]{article} \usepackage{newtxtext,newtxmath} \usepackage{authblk} \renewcommand{\Authfont}{\fontsize{12}{14.4pt}\selectfont} \renewcommand{\Affilfont}{\fontsize{10}{12}\selectfont} \begin{document}\title{\textbf{Preparation of Papers for IEEE Sponsored Conferences \& Symposia}}\author{Navdeep Singh\textsuperscript{a}, Lakhwinder Kaur \textsuperscript{b}, Kuldeep Singh \textsuperscript{c}}\aff...Read more

How does one indicate the corresponding author when using the authblk package? - TeX

This question is not a duplicate of How to print the corresponding author, because that question is asking specifically how to make the corresponding author's name appear to the left of the complete list of authors, while also appearing in the complete list of authors.I'd like to know the simplest, most standard way to indicate the corresponding author when using the authblk package. I've googled a fair amount and have not found the answer. If it's relevant, I'll be using the titlepage option, as in \documentclass[titlepage]{article}.Here's a...Read more

authblk - How to reset the author list? - TeX

I am using titling package and authblk to manage multiple articles in a single file. Below is the code for example\documentclass[11pt,openany]{article}\usepackage{amsmath,amsfonts,amsthm,dsfont,amssymb,csquotes}\usepackage{titling}\usepackage[blocks]{authblk}\usepackage{geometry}\geometry{ headheight=4ex, includehead, includefoot}\geometry{ % paper=a4paper, % Change to letterpaper for US letter paperheight=25cm,paperwidth=18cm, inner=1cm, % Inner margin outer=2cm, % Outer margin bindingoffset=1cm, % Binding offset t...Read more

For authblk package, how to correctly separate authors? - TeX

Update: Problem solved. See my own answer below. Credit to Werner. I am using authblk package for an article. The authors can not be separated correctly. Here is the MWE:\documentclass[twocolumn, twoside]{article}\usepackage{authblk} \usepackage{multicol}\usepackage{fancyhdr} \begin{document}\begin{multicols}{1} \title{\fontsize{24pt}{10pt}\selectfont\textbf{The Title Here\\}\vspace{1ex}} \author[1]{Author One} \author[2]{Author Two} \author[1,2]{Author Three} \author[3]{Author Four} \affil[1]{\small University of Calif...Read more

affiliations on the same line using authblk (command \renewcommand\AB@affilsepx not working) - TeX

I was following the solution provided in this post to put 3 affiliations on the same line using authblk but failed. The author/affiliation list is like:\author[1]{author1}\author[2]{author2}\author[3]{author3}\affil[1]{dept1}\affil[2]{dept2}\affil[3]{dept3}Following the answer in this post, I add these commands:\makeatletter\renewcommand\AB@affilsepx{, \protect\Affilfont}\makeatotherin order to typeset the affiliations to:1 dept1, 2 dept2, 3 dept3But the result showed still as:1 dept12 dept23 dept3I didn't set a local repository for authblk. I ...Read more

authblk - Author affiliation like in SDM - TeX

I am using this template for SDM paper have multiple authors with some authors from the same institutions. How can I show this information in the authors section. The sample file shows different authors from different institution\author{Corey Gray\thanks{Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics.} \\\and Tricia Manning\thanks{Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics.}}I want Corey Grat and Tricial Manning to have same sign * and Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics to be s...Read more