power factor correction - ATX - replace passive PFC to active

I have some ATX PSU with passive PFC (huge coil with capacitor).I also have some active PFC from other ATX that based on L6561 IC.This psu will handle odroid xu4 board and few led strips based on ws2812b chip.I have limited space in this box and probably will need remove this passive coil or use this active board...Can I replace it, or is there something that block this idea?P.S.Picture of boards:Best Regards....Read more

Powering ESP8266 from pc atx power supply

I am powering my ESP8266 from an orange/black wire from my pc power supply. When i remove and reattach the CH_PD pin from +3.3V (orange wire) both leds, blue and red, flash shortly then start to dim and the ESP8266 powers off i guess. What could be the problem?EDIT:I am using an Arduino as FTDI, powered from USB.ESP ARDUINO ATX -------------------------------------- TX RX RX TXVCC 3.3V ORANGE WIREGPIO2 3.3V ORANGE WIRE GPIO0 3.3V ORANGE WIRECH_PD ...Read more

Converting ATX PSU to lab bench PSU

I am currently trying to convert my ATX PSU to lab bench PSU. But I ran into a problem. I want to attach a dummy load, but I am not sure if I should use 12V or 5V. On label it says that+5V .. 21A+5V sb .. 2A+12V cpu .. 15A+12V a .. 10A+12v b .. 11AShould I add those amperages together to see where is more power? Or how does it work when they are separated like that?I am soldering all 12V together and 5V together too, so I think it adds up, but i am not sure, so I want to ask you....Read more