Best approach to finding clients in your own city?

I am working as a Software Engineer, but I want to add to my pay by freelancing.What is the best way to find clients in my own city? I am open to doing small projects (like for schools or small businesses), but how do I ask them if they want any projects when they are not advertising anything?How do I approach people in this situation?...Read more

portfolio - Can I modify clients testimonials?

Should I or can I edit my clients testimonials to make them more grammatically correct?Am I allowed to use snippets of them, rather than the entire thing?Or am I better not to edit them at all?I would never change them drastically to make myself look better than they are making me out to be.What are people's thoughts on this? Have you done it yourself? This is more of an ethics based question....Read more

attracting clients - Tips For Freelancing & Wordpress Workflow

Im looking to start freelancing using Wordpress. However I would love some advice on my workflow. It's my first time doing this, so Im sure its lacking. What my plan is so far:1) Send email to potential clients giving them a offer2) If they respond and want my help with their website, then I ask what they want and we agree on what it will cost etc.3) Then I will send a contract for them to sign. I will have them pay me 30-40% of the total cost up front.4) Once all of that is done I will make wireframes, sketches and prototypes etc. I will send ...Read more

business plan - How important is it to be a nice guy to your clients?

How important is it to be a nice guy to my clients? Specifically, I'm wondering if I need to make efforts outside my work responsibility. The other option is getting the work done and leaving. The advantages of 'just getting the work done and leaving' is that there's no personal expectations and I can focus on the job. I'd like to hear from other people who may or may not have gained from certain extra niceties with regards to their clients and how it effected the project and the freelancer-client relationship....Read more

attracting clients - What is a 3-quote process?

I am quoting for a potential new client, and she has said that they need to go through a 3-quote process... does this mean that they are looking for a quote from me and two others?Or does it mean that I will have to quote in stages?I'm assuming it is one of the above anyway.I can't ask my client for a while as she's unavailable, so if anyone could shed any light on what she might mean that would be great....Read more

attracting clients - Viability of a plan to get experience and to grow portfolio

I am a young iOS programmer with a good amount of experience. I have been doing iOS programming for five or six years I have a couple finished apps on the App Store that are very aesthetic and that I am proud of. I would like to gain more programming experience with real companies or at least other parties (i.e. not me or my friends). However, I do not think I have the portfolio, connections, or capital necessary to promote myself through what I would guess are the more traditional means (advertising campaigns, etc.). I have looked into service...Read more

attracting clients - How much projects need to get the first web development job?

I am fresh graduate in computer science with no industrial experience, other than tutoring.But I have decide to work as a freelance web developer. I am trying to build portfolio in-order to showcase my skills.But I am hoping to develop two websites from the scratch using Django and Ruby on Rails. And finally host them.Does developing one website from framework would be enough to get the first freelancing job? or should I do couple of small projects from each framework?Any advice would be highly appreciated.My objective is to find clients locall...Read more

attracting clients - Writer/editor: Building presence and social media sites

For at least a couple of years I have been trying to build awareness of my writing/copyediting communications business. I have even tried offering my services in exchange for referrals, but without success. It's been very discouraging: no one seems to be interested in writing/editing.I read this stackexchange post on building up presence (among a couple of others), and one of the things that has been repeatedly mentioned is social media. For a time I had a Twitter page that included quick, writing-oriented quips and questions designed to (ho...Read more

attracting clients - How do I market myself as a specializing generalist?

I have been a freelancer / IT consultant for the last 20+ years I still have trouble coming up with my brand or specialization. The closest description to what I do is some kind of a generalizing specialist. The reason why I have trouble is that I want to highlight my expertise in cyber security, VoIP, virtualization, Linux and Windows DevOps, software development and rapid prototyping, complex networking, and more. Just typing this makes me cringe because I feel shy and humble calling myself an expert in these fields considering the genius...Read more

attracting clients - Freelancing internationally, how do I abide by international laws?

I'd like to expand from freelancing writing for my local clients to establishing relationships with clients based in other countries. Please advise on legal restrictions e.g. Would I require a work visa for each country? Should I need to visit the offices of the country? Am I allowed to attend meetings / work in their offices? Any other information from your experiences and knowledge is greatly appreciated!...Read more

attracting clients - When to stop working for free?

I am in the middle of a interview but it has prolonged for about 4 days, not entire days, but the client is getting free value from a lot of sources.Comments come comments gone, each nugget of wisdom is leveraged by him, and I am not sure how to tell him to make a decision, maybe I need to detect his triggers.Questions:How do I detect his triggers? what questions should I ask? or what gestures should I look for?How do I tell him, please make a decision, since I need to know if I will be working with you?How could I calculate how much time and v...Read more

attracting clients - How should a backend developer showcase his/her projects?

I have registered as a freelancer and yet to start my career. In all the proposals, I have been questioned to showcase my skills(Mostly sql and PLSQL) with some sample work. I have no idea what kind of portfolio/sample work will be impressive and will also showcase my skills?I have seen many front end developers' sharing applications/websites they have developed. But its not possible for a backend developer like me to display a database without a front end. To a person hiring, it might look like data (Lot of data) and nothing interesting. So w...Read more

attracting clients - Experienced IT contractor to become a freelancer

How can I make the transition from contractor to freelancer?As a contractor my job is developing web sites, databases and apps. Although I have my own limited company, contractors in the UK still have a boss, time table (schedule) and work just like permanent staff.I'd like to operate like an actual IT company, have my own client portfolio (no agencies), no bosses, no schedule.Options I have considered to get clients who would hire me to work independently are:Government marketplaceIncubators like GooglecampFreelancing websites (low rates, low ...Read more