at - atd, batch // Setting the load limiting factor

I am launching non interactive jobs using batch, and I would like to increase the load limiting factor in order to use all 8 of my cores. I am on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.From what I understand, batch uses atd to do the jobs. Jobs start when the load factor goes under a threshold, called the load limiting factor. It is said in the man of atd that we can change this factor using the -l option.My question: how can I use this atd -l XX option? When I type, for instance, atd -l 7.2 before batch, it doesn't seem to be changing anything.What I have found so ...Read more

The at command suddenly/randomly executes jobs

The at command has a strange behaviour, and I can't find why.Story - In 3 days, I'll need to send emails at specific times to make a surprise to someone. I won't be able to monitor if everything is running correctly, because I'll be in a plane for ~20 hours. Everything shall run perfectly. :-)Script - I am using the at command to queue jobs for later execution. I created a bunch of files (one per mail), with the following format:Content of mail1.txt (example)This is a subjectThis is a message...... on several linesThis is my script:#!/bin/bashf...Read more

Run scheduled at job now

Say I schedule a job to be run in a few days using at. And say in a few hours I think, "you know, I want that command to run now". Is there a simple way to just run that scheduled job now, instead of later?I'm aware I could simply atrm it and run the command by hand, but our commands are automated and quite complex. It would be nice if there was some simple way to run the jobs now instead of later....Read more

Stopping one particular command scheduled by at command except others

I am scheduling, say, 3 commands using at command.$ at teatime command1 command2 command3 <Ctrl + D>After some time I realised that running command3 is not really what I wanted, but at same time I don't want remaining commands to stopped from execution.I tried looking for at command or something like it in System Monitor so that I could kill process responsible for running command3 but couldn't find (maybe I am wrong in this). Also I can stop ATD daemon that runs these commands but that will stop all commands from execution, which is not ...Read more

at - how to specify precise date to atd

I found some examples here: how can I create at job with specific time that contains minutes, seconds and even year, like "2018-01-15 08:00:00"? What is the format of input date/time?...Read more

At utility problem with echo "command" | at +[#][time-unit]

I desire to run a particular task 2 hours ahead from now.In Bash 4.3 in Ubuntu 16.04 I executed:tdm() { chmod -R a-x,a=rX,u+w "$drt"/phpmyadmin/ echo "chmod -R 000 "$drt"/phpmyadmin/" | at +2h}tdmI get: syntax error. Last token seen: + Garbled timeMaybe I should put current time in a variable X somehow and define "at 2 hours from time X"?I didn't understand the answer here....Read more