assassins creed revelations - How is the Mute ability supposed to work?

So I have the Mute ability in one of my sets but I'm having a tough time figuring out how to actually use it. It's supposedly prevents any Templar around me within a certain distance from being able to kill, stun or use their abilities. I figure the orb that forms around me shows the region it's supposed to affect. However it doesn't seem to be working for me at all.If I'm on the hunt and use it on a target, they almost always are able to contest the kill or stun me. Likewise when I'm being defensive, my pursuer is able to just run up to me...Read more

Assassin's Creed: Revelation DLC (The Lost Archive)

I am going back to my old games and filling the gaps of missing DLCs but as of today AC:Revelation's The Lost Archives DLC is no longer available on Uplay nor anywhere outside of it.The only way I have found out is to get the AC:Revelations - Ottoman Edition which includes this DLCs.Therefore my question is: Would buying the Ottoman Edition and then using its activation key in Uplay "upgrade" my standard AC:Revelations version to Ottoman Edition? Hence giving me access to The Lost Archives?If not, is there any other way to get this DLC today?Th...Read more

Why did the Assassins support the Turks over the Byzantines?

In Assassin's Creed: Revelations, why did the assassins support the Turks over the Byzantines? It only led to internal strife such as the Byzantine turncoat that you have to kill to train your first Master Assassin, and the Turks don't seem to have any love for the assassins as can be seen by Selim I's behavior towards Ezio.Is it solely because the Byzantines took sides with the Templars, even though Selim I sought world domination of the empire his father Bayezid II built, which is more in-line with Templar ideology?...Read more

Is there a difference between the Master Assassin Armour and the armour from the Hagia Sophia

I got the armour from the Hagia Sophia, when I saw that it covered Ezio's face I went back to see if I could remove just the headgear by selecting a piece of the Master Assassin Armour, I had a feeling that, like the other Ultimate Armour sets in the previous games, by selecting one piece I would equip the entire set.When I put the Master Assassin Armour back on, I noticed that my health was mainly unchanged, I went back to the armour I got from the Hagia Sophia because I wasn't checking the stats at the time and notice they were the exact same...Read more

How do you get the Master Assassin Armour?

While i was playing, in Memory Sequence 3 or 4 (It was quite early, i still hadn't gotten an entire set of the most basic Armour) and after completing a mission i got from promoting an assassin to be my last den master (it was one about a rich man paying merchants for the Templars, he claims he was corrupted by them) as soon as i completed the mission i suddenly got the Master Assassin Armour.I am wondering, did i get this as a bug or did i get the Armour as a result of setting up my last Den Master...Read more

assassins creed revelations - Are there any other factors to Mediterranean Defense Mission which could cause 100% success to fail?

While reading the perks for completing the Assassin Guild Challenges one of them was that Recruits would be more efficient in Mediterranean Defense Missions.Since I always make sure that I don't send Assassins out unless the success rate is 100% (which is what I did in Brotherhood, at most I needed 4 Assassin Rank recruits for a mission to be 100%).I am wondering, even if a mission's success rate is at 100% when selecting recruits to dispatch, are there still factors which could lead to the mission failing, or is the Assassins Guild perk for Me...Read more

assassins creed revelations - When does the first recruit come back?

During the tutorial about Assassin Recruits, after completing a mission with him about a former assassin killing off Assassin's I sent him on a mission as part of the tutorial.The mission name is The Little Prince, the description says something about the Sultan's third son who's been held hostage by Templars, the amount of cash I would get it pathetic compared to the amount of XP which is I think 13,500, and there's no time limit, when selecting my recruit for the mission just him gave the mission a 100% chance of success.Since it lists no tim...Read more

assassins creed revelations - Is it possible to control the hookblade "catch" when falling?

In previous AC installments, you could voluntarily fall when hanging - and then press a key to grab at a lower point. AC Revelations seems much the same, except that my hookblade keeps "catching" on things as I fall. This makes the process of descending a tall building take much longer than previous games. Can it be avoided, or is it just a nuance of this version?...Read more