Negated future and aspect

What is the difference between using the imperfective vs the perfective? My textbook (a very good compressive one) only mentions future negation in passing.For example, Я ей не буду говорить об этом. Я ей не скажу об этом. Я не буду брать карандаши из ящика. Я не возьму карандаши из ящика.As I get it, negated perfective means (won't be able to do it, finish the action, it's not possible (because it really isn't or I just think so)). But to me it also seems like it means a type of refusal. I won't do it (Am not going to do) vs negated ...Read more

aspect - reference time,situation time

"I already knew how to do it."[Tr included within Tsit]..., in this imperfective aspectuality which is reference time and situation time please answer for this by using time line because in this sentence there are two verbs(knew and do) are used so it is difficult to understand imperfective aspectuality from this sentence ? The sentence is in CGEL page no.126...Read more

Does "How do you know?" have the inchoative aspect?

In English, a verb that expresses a state can also express the entrance into a state. This is called inchoative aspect.Would a sentence like "How do you know me?" have the inchoative aspect? I think "how" in this instance means "method, way" but it bothers me that the sentence is present tense if it does have the inchoative aspect where "know" means "to enter the state of knowing." If it is the inchoative aspect, why isn't it past tense if something like "how did you find out who I am?" is the proper way to put it? Given the definition of "how"...Read more

Progessive or simple aspect?

Is he still smoking? vs Does he still smoke?Which aspect would be correct, progessive or simple? In my opinion, the first question sounds somehow better, however, I think the second question is grammatically more correct, as smoking is a habit simple aspect should be used......Read more

aspect - How can I use "do you be"?

Example with a context (audio): Yeah, when you don't know somebody very well and they just unload all this information on you, you don't really know how to deal with that situation. Do you be supportive, do you back away? It's awkward for everybody.Do you think it is grammatically alright to say do you be? Doesn't that sound kind of wrong to you? Or, maybe, this is some sort of colloquialism that's ungrammatical, but people still use it in an informal setting?...Read more

How am I supposed to show I used a technology on Careers 2.0 if the tag doesn't exist?

My first job involved some scripting of devices using the serial port and our technology of choice was ProComm Plus. The company that made that software (Datastorm Technologies, Inc.) was bought out (by Quarterdeck which was in turn bought by Symantec) and the software was discontinued in 2002. So the scripting language I used, ASPECT, just isn't being used anymore. So there are no questions about it and no tags that I can use in the "Technologies" field. (aspect seems to be a grabbag of junk; much of it relates to display or image technolo...Read more