and B2C

Have you tried webhooks with ADB2C? (which is brilliant btw) Registration works just fine (App Svc Auth) but the webjob sample will never send a webhook. It seems to depend on a claim that is not available in B2C on registration. There is no ClaimsType.Name ;-( I can see my oid (also the nameidentifier) when I look at the partition key on the registration table storage. I can't find any documentation on the predicate usage in NotifyAllAsync. Anyway- user != "Henrik" does not fire any webhooks to anyone. So sad as it looks cool!...Read more

Recommended way to process different payload types in Asp.Net WebHooks for same sender

I'm setting up an Asp.Net WebHook receiver for an internal webhook from a different server in the same application. I'm therefore using the built-in CustomWebHookReceiver. The webhook needs to send several different payload types as JSON, which need to be de-serialized into different strong types by the receiver and be processed differently.Since the only difference between invocations of the webhook are the payload, a single webhook receiver will be configured for a single id, following the pattern of placing the shared secret in the web.confi...Read more