Artemis - Multiple instance of EntityManager

I'm using the Artemis-odb framework for coding game in Java ( would like to instantiate some Entity (for example, buildings and people/workers). I've also seen the EntityManager class of the framework and tried to use it.Here is my problem : I don't want to have a huge class extending EntityManager and having all the "create" methods because it will be an awful class --> too much lines of code, no lisibility, no thanks.I tried to create mutliple classes extending EntityManager, but then, each has its "ne...Read more

Artemis - how to delete all entities from world

I want to delete all entities from world. And if a tag or a group is registered for the entity, I want to remove them too. Like there was no such entity at all. It is much like World.delete function, but you should loop on all entities. I can't find a way. And can't believe the designers didn't prepare such functionality for clearing the world from entities. Do I miss something?...Read more