(Arduino Mega2560) Keypad password check

I am working on a school project, basically I have to create a lock system that opens a fictive gate when the correct code is entered. We have been asked to simulate our system before actually building it. So, I made the following circuit in Proteus(Labcenter Electronics' simulation software):Keypad circuitSorry, I can't post images.Here's what my system should do: A variable contains the correct code and the user must type a code on the keypad, and if it is correct, a green LED turns on and the LCD screen displays "Acces Granted!" if the code ...Read more

Arduino LCD display does not display text

I'm using LCD for the first time and I'm unable to make it work. It lights the background but it does not show any text. I tried three times from the beginning, each time with a different tutorial, and none of the solutions worked. Is there any mistake in my wiring that I do not see?Code:#include <LiquidCrystal.h>LiquidCrystal lcd(7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12);void setup() { lcd.begin(16, 2); lcd.print("hello, world!");}void loop() { lcd.setCursor(0, 1); lcd.print(millis()/1000);}Here are the links to the tutorials I used:https://www.arduino.c...Read more

arduino - Extra symbols on LCD

I am trying to display the readings from a laser rangefinder onto an LCD. I am able to display the serial on it along with "cm" but it keeps adding two symbols that appear to be Chinese. This is my first project using Arduino, can someone help me?#include <LiquidCrystal.h>/** * LIDARLite I2C Example * Author: Garmin * Modified by: Shawn Hymel (SparkFun Electronics) * Date: June 29, 2017 * * Read distance from LIDAR-Lite v3 over I2C * * See the Operation Manual for wiring diagrams and more information: * http://static.garmin.com/pumac/LI...Read more

arduino - Need help displaying serial monitor on LCD

I'm having issues displaying the serial monitor on an lcd. I am not getting any error and the LCD is lit up so I don't think I wired it wrong. I am able to open up the serial monitor/plotter and see in information changing so my other component is also working so the problem must be in the code...#include <LiquidCrystal.h>/** * LIDARLite I2C Example * Author: Garmin * Modified by: Shawn Hymel (SparkFun Electronics) * Date: June 29, 2017 * * Read distance from LIDAR-Lite v3 over I2C * * See the Operation Manual for wiring diagrams and mo...Read more

hid - Arduino Joystick works in serial monitor, not game controller dialog

I'm trying to create a simple 2-Axis, 2-Button joystick using an off-brand ATmega32U4 board, which registers as an Arduino Leonardo.I've got it working just fine on the serial monitor in Arduino IDE, and it shows up as a game controller with the correct amount of inputs in "Devices and Printers", but for some reason the serial data isn't transferring to the Game Controller test dialog, so the joystick isn't working outside of the serial monitor.This is my first project with Arduino, so I'm sure I'm just missing something simple here, but honest...Read more

Arduino PubNub UUID

I tried setting up an Arduino which publishes some messages to a NodeJaS server, but I cannot get a publisher name out of it. I searched the docs and found nothing really useful. I set an UUID before the PubNub begin with PubNub.set_uuid(uuid);, but it had no effect. The application just returns an undefined. How can I set this up?#include <ESP8266WiFi.h>#define PubNub_BASE_CLIENT WiFiClient#include <PubNub.h>// Replace these with your WiFi network settingsconst char* ssid = "SSID"; //replace this with your WiFi network nameconst ch...Read more

system - Arduino Temperature Display

i have a little 2,4" tft touch display, and i want to display Information like Temperature of the CPU and the GPU, and the usage of the CPU cores. i tried getting the temperature with wmic and the MSAcip_ThermalZoneTemperature. but my system does not support that. Could someone tell me a way to get the Temperature and the other information without buying any extra hardware? My Mainboard: Asus M5A78L/USB3 (https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/M5A78LUSB3/)Thanks, and have a great day!...Read more

Arduino keypad 4x4 to LCD activate/deactivate (home security system)

I have a problem with an activation/deactivation system for Arduino. I can get the code to activate or deactivate once I upload a fresh copy of the code, but once I activate it after upload and try to deactivate the security system, it only takes in 2 numbers and then prompts me to Wrong password.#include "Keypad.h"#include "LiquidCrystal.h" #include "Password.h"LiquidCrystal lcd(0,1,10,11,12,13);char newPasswordString; //hold the new passwordchar newPassword[4]; //character string of newPasswordString//initialize password to 1234//you can use ...Read more

Arduino LCD not working

I am getting crazy on my first LCD example. I use an Arduino Uno and I'd like to try the LCD screen with the easiest example: the Hello World LiquidCrystal example.I connected the pins in the same way as the example above but the LCD first shows 16 "inverted spaces" in first line and nothing in second line. Here is my code (exactly the same as the example):LiquidCrystal lcd(12, 11, 5, 4, 3, 2);void setup() { lcd.begin(16, 2); lcd.print("hello, world!"); }void loop() { lcd.setCursor(0, 1); lcd.print(millis()/1000);}Does anyone know ...Read more

Arduino LCD only showing black boxes on bottom row

Disclaimer: This is homework.I'm taking an Arduino class and for our project we have to implement a simple sketch. The hardware involved is the Arduino Mega ADK board and the Electronic Brick Starter Kit. I have been able to successfully communicate with the Arduino with my sketches; other things (like the push-button, and LED's) seem to work, except for the LCD. I've followed numerous tutorials (including the on sample program for LCD's in my second link), but I can't get anything to work. My LCD consistently shows black boxes in the bottom li...Read more

arm/disarm home security system arduino keypad lcd

So I run into a problem when I am trying to disarm the system. When I upload the code to the arduino it asks me to enter a pin and then it activates the system right away. But then when I try to deactivate the system it takes the pin and just clears the screen and execute the mainScreen function that i have set.The code is provided below:#include "Keypad.h"#include "LiquidCrystal.h"#include "Password.h"LiquidCrystal lcd(0,1,10,11,12,13);char newPasswordString; //hold the new passwordchar newPassword[4]; //charater string of newPasswordString//i...Read more

Keypad on arduino

I'm working on a project on which I'm using a keypad to type a password, what I've done is that I'm reading keys typed by the user and collect it in an array to compare it with the password. The problem that I'm facing is that when I compare the typed word and and the correct password I'm getting always "wrong password".Here is my code:#include "Keypad.h"const byte ROWS = 4; //four rowsconst byte COLS = 3; //three columnschar keys[ROWS][COLS] = {{'1','2','3'},{'4','5','6'},{'7','8','9'},{'*','0','#'}};char passwrd[7];char cst[7]="*1998#"; byte ...Read more

arduino - 4x4 membrane keypad giving unexpected signals

I am working on a project where I try to code my own function for a membrane keypad. I want the 16 key states to be stored in a uint16_t variable, so I have only one variable. The code compiles. The problem is that it will not properly display the key states. When I press the 1 key, it will tell me a lot more keys are being pressed. It will also display that keys are being pressed without touching the thing at all.Pins 5-8 of the keypad are connected to PORTD, pin 4-7 on the Nano.Pins 1-4 of the keypad are connected to PORTB, pin 0-3 on the Nan...Read more

keypad - Redeclared as different kind of symbol in Arduino

I'm currently working on a school project. I want the servo to move according to the number of coins selected. I keep getting the error " 'void servoOne()' redeclared as different kind of symbol " I know this has been asked but I'm not sure how to fix this. Here is my code.#include <LiquidCrystal.h>#include <Keypad.h>#include <Servo.h>Servo servoOne;String sharp="";int piso=0;int lima=0;int sampu=0;String input="";String remlast = "";LiquidCrystal lcd(A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5);//RS,EN,D4,D5,D6,D7const byte Rows= 4; //number of r...Read more

Arduino 16x2 LCD Stays Blank

I am using an Arduino Mega with a 16x2 LCD. When I start the Arduino the LCD flashes white and sometimes random lines will show up and gradually fade out. The backlight is on, however, so the LCD is not inverted. At first I thought the Arduino was not getting enough power because I am using a Raspberry Pi to program it, but plugging in a 6V battery pack did not change the result. I tried plugging in a different 16x2 LCD to check if the one I was using is broken, but again, the result was the same. I have triple-checked my connections, adjusted ...Read more