applications - Online note taking

I need to be able to save text (like url, sms, etc) on my android phone which can also be viewed on the Internet through a URL. Right now I use Google Drive (which takes time) or Facebook chat (by sending text to s friend and then copying the same.)App suggestions are welcome as well....Read more

applications - Stop cursor from moving to end of word when touching text

The default android behaviour when interacting with editable text seems to be to move the cursor to the end of the word you've touched, regardless of your touch location.This is undesirable in many situations, e.g. if you have a stylus or a precise hand or a big screen and big text, or custom left and right arrows on your navigation bar, or a very long string without spaces.Is there any way to prevent android from moving your cursor?...Read more

applications - How to extract data from an .APK file?

I want to extract or copy every detail that .apk contain, like for example extracting data from whatsapp.apk or linked-in.apk or twitter.apk.Please note that I dont want to extract my personal data from any installed app on my phone instead I want extract the data and images which the app developer had added while making the app....Read more

google play store - What is the meaning of "need access to: " in when we want to install an application?

Whenever we want to install an application from Google Play, the application will ask permission to access to some things. The number of permissions are different from one to another application. Below is an example of application that requests permission to access.Then my question are, how that access work? Is the application will take our data for them? I.e: It ask to access images in the phone, will the application will copy and send all the images to the developer? Or, will the application copy the conversation as it has access to the micro...Read more

applications - Settings app keeps crashing

When I try to open the Setting app on my Android device, it stays on for like a half a second and then closes.Usually when this happens to me, what I do is I clear cache or if that won't help, even the data of the application. So basically, settings is not working, so go to settings, apps, settings and clear cache. I hope everyone sees the catch here.I've tried restarting the phone, but settings app still crashes. I've noticed that if I am fast enough I can get into the submenu of the settings, so I've spent 30minutes training my fingers to ope...Read more

applications - Quick way to send a link to a Google Play store app via SMS

I feel like I'm not seeing something obvious.I have several apps installed via the Google Play store on an Android device. I want to send links via SMS to the appropriate Google Play store pages so the recipient can click on the links, have them open in the Google Play store app, and then decide if they want to install them.This seems like obvious functionality, but I'm not seeing any way to do it in Android Nougat.How can this be accomplished without installing a separate app for the task?...Read more

applications - Google Play Store No connection

Why when I enter Google Play Store using my LG-P875 phone, it shows only "No Connection Retry"? A few days ago I was deleting some apps and other stuffs to save up my storage space, and I wonder if I actually deleted sth that relates to the connection to Google Play Store. Please help me find a solution!...Read more

applications - Apps are automatically closing/restarting and phone is running slow

I am running Nexus 5 with Android 5.0.1 (Lollipop), stock (via OTA Google push). I like it for the most part, except for the fact that I have noticed a repeating problem. After awhile of using the phone (over the course of a couple weeks with no reboots) my phone begins to get noticeably slower. Apps switch much more slowly between each other. Eventually, it gets so bad that, I'll do something like browse from one app, to Chrome, and when I press the back button (to return to the app I just left), the entire app reloads as though it had been sh...Read more