Detect Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) client at server?

Our company's security policy requires passwords to be 12 characters. Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) clients have a limit of 8 characters (I'm not sure why, but I think its due to historical reasons).We want to block Apple Remote Desktop clients because they can't comply with the policy. Here, block means drop the network connection before the client attempts to provide credentials.Is there a way to reliably detect Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) clients?...Read more

I'm having issues with Remote Desktop, someone is controlling my computer

I have an issue, I bought my Mac second hand and I am not the Administrator. I've been having weird thing happen on my computer, shutting down, restarting, and it seems to me I've been hacked.This morning I was Google plus and it was taking ages to load, so I switched my browser to Google Chrome and it normally comes up with my email to log in, but this time I looked at it and it was the old owner of the computer. I looked at the certificate in keychain and it was September last year. The only way he could have logged in was by hijacking my com...Read more