python 3.x - Trippinin api Keyerror

I need som help to get started with this trippinin api, if you have worked with this api it would be very nice of you to just help me here to get started! I dont understand what I should write in for dayin data[....]:import requestsimport jsonr = requests.get(" offset=2&KEY=58ffb98334528b72937ce3390c0de2b7")data = r.json()for day in data['city Name']: print (day['city Name']['weekday'] + ":")The error:Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\User...Read more

Syntax of Keras Functional API

I am kinda confused on how the syntax in the keras functional API works. Its really useful to define complex multi input and output models. But the syntax is kinda puzzling for me. new_layer = Conv2d(...)(old_layer)as far as I know the Conv2d is a class. How does Conv2d()() syntax work in python?...Read more

Crunchbase Data API v3.1 to Google Sheets

I'm trying to pull data from the Crunchbase Open Data Map to a Google Spreadsheet. I'm following Ben Collins's script but it no longer works since the upgrade from v3 to v3.1. Anyone had any luck modifying the script for success?var USER_KEY = 'insert your API key in here';// function to retrive organizations datafunction getCrunchbaseOrgs() { var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet(); var sheet = ss.getSheetByName('Organizations'); var query = sheet.getRange(3,2).getValue(); // URL and params for the Crunchbase API var url = 'https...Read more

search - twitter API: Full Archive/Sandbox

I am relatively new to R but doing my best to do perform a historical twitter search using Rstudio and twitteR package. I recently was granted access to the Full Archive/Sandbox search via my twitter dev account, however I cannot seem to get any results when I add the "since=" and "until=" parameters to the searchTwitter function. When I remove these parameters, the app works fine and I get recent results only... # this returns a dataframe of tweetssetup_twitter_oauth(consumer_key, consumer_secret, access_token, access_secret)tw <- searchTwi...Read more

api - GetOverlappedResult return true,but no data write

I check async write with following code.BOOL bOk = ::GetOverlappedResult(hFile, pOverlapped, dwBytesTransferred, TRUE);if ( FALSE == bOk ){ TRACE_ERROR_NO_ASSERT(GetOverlappedResult);}bOk is TRUE, but dwBytesTransferred is 0, and pOverlapped->Internal is 258(timeout).my questionn is : is my async operation timeout and will be finished later? or just failed? should I call CancelIo to cancel this timeout operation like this?BOOL bOk = ::GetOverlappedResult(hFile, pOverlapped, dwBytesTransferred, TRUE);if ( FALSE == bOk ){ TRACE_ERROR_NO_A...Read more

Difference between an API and SDK

I am trying to explain to a non-developer the difference between an API an SDK. I need to explain why a commercial fingerprint software vendor will likely not provide an SDK, although they may certainly have used one.Both device vendors and software vendors can and should expose a well-defined API. This API allows other software programs to (be written to) inter-operate with the vendor’s own software components or hardware devices.If someone has more ideas to explain this clearly, I would very much appreciate the suggestions. I want to emphasiz...Read more

softlayer api : How to upgrade a block storage volume size

i tried to upgrade block(performance) storage volume and IOPs via API.test code returns the error message :"Error: com.softlayer.api.ApiException$Internal: Invalid price Block Storage (189443) provided on the order container.(code: SoftLayer_Exception_Order_Item_Invalid, status: 500)"I am using placeOrder and verifyOrder method for order.where can i find sample code to upgrade storage volume?public void test03() throws Exception { System.out.println("\nStorage Upgrade Test Start !!\n"); ApiClient client = new RestApiClient().withCredentia...Read more

text - How to store data from Google Ngram API?

I need to store the data presented in the graphs on the Google Ngram website. For example, I want to store the occurences of "it's" as a percentage from 1800-2008, as presented in the following link: data I want is the data you're able to scroll over on the graph. How can I extract this for about 140 different terms (e.g. "it's", "they're", "she's", etc.)?...Read more

Active Collab API doesn't show all reports

I'm fetching all the open reports tagged as CHECKPOINT using the collab API and it's working fine. Although, when I run a custom report for the tasks, at Active Collab website, I get more and different results than what I fetched.What I need is to get exactly the same results shown when running a custom report. Does anyone know how can I fix it or if it's a problem with the API itself?...Read more

api - Google bucket SignedUrls 403

I'm doing a simple rest API which does the following:get base64 encoded imagedecode itstores it on on specific google bucketNow, on the GET verb, my api returns a signed url targeting the bucket image.I've coded a test that works: initialization stuff ... BeforeEach(func() { mockStringGenerator.On("GenerateUuid").Return("image1") // First store image, _ = ioutil.ReadFile("test_data/DSCF6458.JPG") encodedImage = b64.RawStdEncoding.EncodeToString(image) fileName, storeError = storage.Store(ctx, encodedI...Read more

api - How to make docker listening to unix and TCP socket under centos with systemd

I have installed docker (v17.06.2-ce) under CentOS using systemd.Docker works fine and listens to the unix socket. Now i would like to have docker to listen to the Unix socket and to the TCP socket 2375. Since this is an in-house development machine security is no issue.I scanned the internet found several articles but still got some questions.My understanding is that I have systemd file (docker.service) which starts the dockerd without any parameters.ExecStart=/usr/bin/dockerdThen there is the file demon.json here I can list what I will liste...Read more

api - Google maps hide smaller cities (localites)

I am using map styler and I am trying to hide the label of all small cities. the problem is that they are all listed as localities. so if I turn off the "featureType": "locality" it turns off even big cities.Please have a look at the location on this google maps link, you will see when you zoom out bigger cities as for example 'Brasilia' and 'Goiania' have a bigger and bolder label. While the other smaller cities around have smaller font size label.So obviously google maps by default is styling different sizes cities differently. more