fuseesb - what is the difference between JBoss Fuse and Apache ServiceMix?

I am currently deploying an application I want to base on Camel and ActiveMQ. Because of this I decided to go for ServiceMix or Fuse because they include everything I need and the OSGi stuff adds even more value. The application will in the end be run commercially.I am not sure for which I should go: ServiceMix or Fuse. I have a tendency to go for JBoss Fuse because there seems to be more documentation available and it seems to be updated more frequently (newer ActiveMQ inside etc). But there remain some questions:is JBoss Fuse just ServiceMix ...Read more

Servicemix ActiveMQ Web Console & LDAP not

I'm using ServiceMix 7.0 with ActiveMQ Broker and WebConsole installed.This is running on a Windows 10 system and Java 1.8.I'm trying to get the Web Console to work with ActiveMQ if I setup this model up using Apache DS it works fine but when I switch to Active Directory it will return an error "Exception occurred while processing this request, check the log for more information!"Hawtio & system/console works fine in both AD and ADS models.So I know that LDAP calls are working.The servicemix log shows:2017-02-22 11:26:22,334 | WARN | qtp10...Read more

servicemix 4.3.2 camel cxf producer to cxf-nmr consumer Not Working

I've been trying to get two separate bundles to communicate via a nmr endpoint using a camel cxf producer. I have been working on this all week and so far I can't get it to work.I can however all the nmr endpoint just as in example cxf-camel-nmr without issue so I know that bundle is ok. Seriously this is a super simple hello world prototype and I can't get it to work. Any help or suggestions would be awesome!!Env: Java 1.5Apache Servicemix 4.3.2 (virgin installation) In servicemix I have two separate osgi bundles. I am unable to get my c...Read more

apache servicemix - Service mix update a webpage

I have the following problem:I have a queue with messages, and my goal is when a new message arrives, it should be transformed and update a webpage automatically.I have already implemented in ServiceMix a consumer for that queue that reads and transform, but I don’t know how I can push that information to the webpage.Anybody knows how can do that?...Read more

Is Servicemix Still Supported

I want to know if is ServiceMix still supported as the release date of version 7.1.x was supposed to be on 30.09.2017 as in this link and I could not get any updates about their progress or new expected date so please if anyone has any additional information, please share it with me....Read more

apache servicemix - What is the correct URL to make available the FAB feature in karafe?

At http://fuse.fusesource.org/bundle/faq.html#How_do_I_enable_FAB_support_in_my_OSGi_container_, we are instructed to do:features:addUrl mvn:org.fusesource.fuse/fuse-fuse/7.0.1.fuse-084/xml/featuresfeatures:install fuse-bundlein karafe to enable FAB. This results in:Could not add Feature Repository:java.lang.RuntimeException: URL [mvn:org.fusesource.fuse/fuse-fuse/7.0.1.fuse-084/xml/features] could not be resolved.Please verify that the feature repository URL is correct and that your network connection works fine.Can anybody advise us as to wha...Read more