qt - Apache thrift multi client server

I am writing simple chat in Qt + Apache Thrift but right now I need to face a problem with connecting multiple clients. On first sight everything looks good and I cannot find where the problem is. Here is my server main.cpp:int main(int argc, char **argv) { int port = 9090; ::apache::thrift::stdcxx::shared_ptr<UsersStorageHandler> handler(new UsersStorageHandler()); ::apache::thrift::stdcxx::shared_ptr<TProcessor> processor(new UsersStorageProcessor(handler)); ::apache::thrift::stdcxx::shared_ptr<TServerTransport> ...Read more

How can I cosume a GET REST call and mapping to a java bean (object) through Apache Camel?

I am new in apache camel. I want to do a GET REST call to get data and then I want to mapping these data to my Java bean. How can I do that with camel? I want to do it in a spring MVC web application.I know how to do it with RestTemplate for example, but I want to use apache camel.I've checked this documentation http://camel.apache.org/cxfrs.html but still I don't know how to set up for accomplishing this.Please if you can provide some examples will be great....Read more

apache - How to use a dynamic URI in From()

As mentioned in Apache Camel, it allows to write dynamic URI in To(), does it allows to write dynamic URI in From().Cause I need to call the multiple FTP locations to download the files on the basis of configuration which I am going to store it in database.(FTPHost, FTPUser, FTPPassword, FTPSourceDir, FTPDestDir)I will read these configuration from the DB and will pass it to the Camel route dynamically at runtime.Example:This is the camel route example that I have to write dynamically<Route> <from uri="ftp://${ftpUser}@${ftpHost}:${...Read more

apache - Swagger UI integration with Camel ...not able to access index.html on port

I'm using Camel to integrate Swagger. I downloaded dist folder renamed to swagger and updated index.html but I'm not able to access ui it through my application port: http://localhost:${port}/${contextPath}/swagger/index.htmlbut if I type http://localhost:${port}/api-doc, I get the swagger json dump. I can access index.html if go to the file and open it manually with browser. How do i access index.html using my application port?http://localhost:${port}/${contextPath}/swagger/index.html...Read more

apache - MockMVC not working with camel in springboot

I'm having trouble getting junit to successfully test my camel rest controller. It currently returns status 404 instead of 200 when I run it.I believe I have all the correct dependencies. And I can't seem to find a any examples except this. I checked the camel in action book and multiple spring boot documents.Full errorMockHttpServletRequest: HTTP Method = GET Request URI = /hello Parameters = {} Headers = {}Handler: Type = org.springframework.web.servlet.resource.ResourceHttpRequestHandlerAsync: Async s...Read more

apache - How to build a route from file to websocket client in camel-scala?

I need to read from a file which is under /files directory and then display the contents of that file on a websocket client. This is what I am doing in MyRouteBuilder.scala:import org.apache.camel.component.websocket.WebsocketComponentimport org.apache.camel.{LoggingLevel, CamelContext, Exchange}import org.apache.camel.scala.dsl.builder.ScalaRouteBuilder/** * A Camel Router using the Scala DSL */class MyRouteBuilder(override val context : CamelContext) extends ScalaRouteBuilder(context) { // an example of a Processor method val myProcessorMet...Read more

apache - Hot deployment in karaf

How to setup karaf so that i don't need to build my project and restart karaf again and again for the updates in code??I am unable to achieve this in my current project. I have tried placing features.xml in /deploy folder but no use, it is flushed every time after build....Read more

Need help in Apache Camel multicast/parallel/concurrent processing

I am trying to achieve concurrent/parallel processing in my requirement, but I did not get appropriate help in my multiple attempts in this regard. I have 5 remote directories ( which may be added or removed) which contains log files, I want to Dow load them for every 15 minutes to my local directory and want to perform Lucene indexing after completion of ftp transfer job, I want to add routers dynamically. Since all those remote machines are different end points , and different routes. I don't have any particular end point to kickoff all these...Read more

rest - Apache camel SSL connection to restful service

I am busy with a project where I have to do a GET on an exposed rest service using specific certificates. I am using the apache camel framework with the https4 component. I created a keystore and tested it using soapUI and it connected successfully, but I am however unable to connect through my project.I used the following page as reference: http://camel.apache.org/http4.htmlI set up the SSL for the HTTP Client through the following configuration: <spring:sslContextParameters id="sslContextParameters"> <spring:keyManagers keyPasswor...Read more