beamforming - Vertically oriented beams using antenna arrays

Referring to the above picture, can an antenna array mounted on Node A direct beams towards Node B and Node E, without the need for an antenna rotator (or manually orienting the antenna array towards the respective nodes)? In other words, can the antenna array orient its beam along the vertical direction (along the line joining Node B and Node E)?The motive for this question is related to the upcoming IEEE 802.11ad standard. By operating at 60 GHz, users communicate with one another through directional beams pointing at each other. Without the ...Read more

antenna array - Total Cable/Splitter loss calculation for Gain value compensation

If there is an 8 port splitter attached to cables feeding an array, is the total Cable/Splitter loss = S21 measurement for each port (with terminations on others) OR I have to add the S21 value of each port?This is confusing me. So I expect -9dB for an 8-way. I get -10.5 in my S21 measurements. (For each port, with slight variations from one port to the other)So is the total loss for all 8 ports feeding array is the difference between 10.5 and 9dB (i.e. 1.5 dB to be added to Gain) or I'm completely wrong?Another Q: If I only use 2 ports of the ...Read more