ansi - Decrypting DUKPT Encrypted Track Data

As the title says, I am trying to decrypt DUKPT encrypted track data coming from a DUKPT enabled scanner.I have the ANSI Standard (X9.24) for DUKPT and have successfully implemented the ability to generate the IPEK from the KSN and BDK. Furthermore, I have successfully implemented the ability to generate the Left and Right MAC Request and Response Keys by XORing the PIN Encryption Keys. Lastly, I am able to generate the EPB.From here, I don't understand how to generate the MAC Request and Response from the L/R Keys that I have generated.Lastly,...Read more

What is the correct XTERM/ANSI sequence for (mouse) wheel and or scroll, preferably that doesnt require X,Y coordinates?

On my xterm.js terminal, I have touchmove events to send cursor-keys by swipe, and scroll/wheel by swiping left and bottom edges (for terminal 'application mode'). The cursor-keys-swipe works great, but I can't seem to find effective codes for mouse-wheel or scroll. For now I'm using two or four cursor-key-codes in opposing direction to mimic wheel/scroll on the edges, and it's ok, but not quite the behaviour I want. It should scroll line-by-line, only moving the text vertically, not the cursor.An example of the behaviour I'm looking for is ...Read more

EDI ANSI X12 204 SEF file

I am looking for EDI x12 4010-204 SEF file. Please let me know where can find this file.Actually, I need the details of all the EDI-204 segments and there corresponding qualifiers. Please help me if anyone knows where can I find this.Thanks,Nitin...Read more