Subresource integrity for animate.css?

Google didn't turn up anything on the topic and there are some questions related to Subresource integrity on Stackoverflow but my question is: how do you generate this cryptographic hash for a CDN <link> ? In my case it is the animate.css, but I guess this can be applied to any custom CSS file.Cheers...Read more

animate.css - How do I use animate css on click?

I am having a hard time figuring out how to have my mobile menu icon animate on click. It would be ideal if I could click the menu icon and the menu would just slide in using animate.css fadeInDown and then when clicked again to exit the menu if it used animate.css fadeOutUp. Is there any way to do this using JS too? I really want to learn.Here is the html:<header><div id="pic-1"><img id="top" src="css/Unknown.png" class="log animated fadeInDown"><nav><a class="burger-nav animated fadeInDown"><i class="fas fa-ba...Read more