angular-nvd3 margin doesn't work? (krispo)

No matter how much I change the margin. The dates get cut off. I am trying to show a 7 date range, but the last date gets cut off. Any ideas, to work around this? My code: vm.lineChartOptions = { chart: { type: 'lineChart', height: 450, tickPadding: 25, margin: { top: 50, right: 1000, bottom: 60, left: 1000 }...Read more

Dynamically generated <nvd3> tag does not generate chart

I am trying to generate charts on my web app dynamically upon users' selection with the angular-nvd3. I have a function that uses d3.selection.append to create a container for the chart when a user selects the option.The data seems to load fine when I uncomment the static chart container in "charts.html". However, upon user selection, a blank chart container appears without the graph.charts.html<div ng-controller="chartsCtrl"> <form class="dropdown-search"> <div> <label>Select lev...Read more